iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas of 2023 | Customized iPhone Layouts

iOS 15 Home Screen Ideas, in the ever-evolving world of technology, Apple’s iOS continues to push the boundaries of innovation. With the release of iOS 15 in 2023, iPhone users have been presented with exciting opportunities to personalize their device’s home screen like never before. This article explores a plethora of creative iOS 15 home screen ideas that will help you transform your iPhone into a customized masterpiece.

With iOS 15, Apple has introduced a treasure trove of features aimed at personalization and productivity. Let’s dive into some fantastic ways to elevate your iPhone’s aesthetics and functionality.

Understanding iOS 15 Widgets

Widgets are a pivotal element of the iOS 15 home screen. Apple has refined this feature, making it more versatile than ever. You can now stack widgets for a cleaner look and receive smart widget suggestions based on your app usage.

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Exploring Widget Stacks

Widget stacks allow you to group related widgets together, offering a streamlined home screen. For instance, you can stack weather, calendar, and reminders widgets for a quick overview of your day.

Widget Suggestions

iOS 15 studies your app usage patterns and suggests widgets that might be useful to you. Embrace these suggestions to make your home screen truly tailored to your needs.

Organizing Apps with App Library

iOS 15 introduces the App Library, a convenient way to declutter your home screen. Your apps are automatically organized into categories, and you can access them easily through the App Library.

Customized App Icons and Themes

One of the most exciting aspects of iOS 15 customization is the ability to change app icons and themes.

Using App Icon Packs

Browse the App Store for icon packs that suit your style. These packs often come with a wide variety of icons to choose from, ensuring a unique look for your apps.

Creating Your Own Icons

For creative souls, designing your own app icons can be immensely satisfying. Use graphic design tools or apps to craft icons that resonate with your personal taste.

Dynamic Wallpapers

iOS 15 brings dynamic wallpapers to life. Choose from a selection of animated wallpapers that react to your touch, creating a visually captivating experience.

Creating Themed Home Screens

Consider creating themed home screens for different purposes. Whether it’s work, leisure, or fitness, having dedicated screens with relevant widgets can boost your efficiency.

Focus Mode Widgets

iOS 15’s Focus Mode allows you to stay in the zone by filtering notifications. Customize your home screen with widgets that complement your current focus, be it work, relaxation, or fitness.

Siri Suggestions

Siri now offers smart suggestions on your home screen based on your habits and routines. These suggestions can save you time and enhance your productivity.

Gaming Home Screen Setup

For gaming enthusiasts, curate a home screen dedicated to your favorite games. Add widgets that display game statistics, upcoming events, or friends’ activities.

Fitness and Health Widgets

Stay on top of your fitness goals with health and fitness widgets. Track your steps, monitor your heart rate, and access workout routines right from your home screen.

Productivity-Oriented Home Screens

Boost productivity with widgets that provide quick access to your calendar, to-do lists, and important reminders. iOS 15’s widgets keep you on track with your tasks.

Social Media Enthusiast Home Screen

Stay connected with the latest updates from your social media accounts. Create a home screen with widgets for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Entertainment-Centric Layouts

Design a home screen dedicated to entertainment. Display widgets for streaming services, music players, and gaming apps to keep your leisure time organized.

Photography and Artistic Themes

If you’re an aspiring photographer or artist, showcase your work on your home screen. Use widgets to display your latest creations or photography portfolios.


iOS 15 has revolutionized the way iPhone users can customize their home screens. With widgets, app icons, and themes, you have the tools to create a personalized iPhone experience like never before.


  1. Can I use third-party widgets with iOS 15?
    • Yes, many third-party apps offer widgets that can be integrated into your iOS 15 home screen.
  2. Are there any limitations to changing app icons?
    • While you can change app icons, some system apps may have restrictions on icon customization.
  3. How do I access the App Library?
    • Swipe to the right on your last home screen page to access the App Library.
  4. Can I set different wallpapers for each home screen?
    • No, iOS 15 allows you to set one wallpaper for all home screens.
  5. Is Focus Mode available on all iOS devices?
    • Focus Mode is available on compatible iOS devices. Ensure your device is running iOS 15 or later to use this feature.