Tracer is Tickled in DVA – A Controversial Overwatch Scene

Tracer is Tickled in DVA is a popular team-based multiplayer video game that has gained a large following since its release in 2016. However, the game has not been without its controversies, with one scene in particular causing a stir among fans. Tracer is tickled by DVA in a controversial Overwatch scene. This article will explore the controversy surrounding this scene, and the reactions from the Overwatch community.

What Happens in the Scene?

“The Overwatch comic, “Reflections,” which was released in December 2016, includes the scene in question. In the comic, Tracer and DVA exchange gifts during the holiday season. DVA gifts Tracer tights, trying them on tickles Tracer. While the scene may seem innocent enough, some fans were quick to criticize it for being inappropriate and promoting non-consensual behavior.

The Controversy:

Controversy: issue of consent in the scene’s center. Some fans felt that the scene promotes non-consensual tickling, which is a form of harassment. The inclusion of two female characters in the scene caused controversy, with some fans perceiving it as fetishization. Fans claimed scene harmless, not intended to offend or be serious.

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Reactions from the Community:

The Overwatch community had mixed reactions. Many fans called for the removal of the scene from the comic, expressing their discomfort with its content. Others defended the scene, stating that it was harmless and that people were overreacting. The controversy led to discussions on women’s representation and the need for diverse and inclusive content in video games.


Q: Was the comic’s scene featuring the controversial content removed?”

A: No, the scene remains in the comic to this day.

Q: Was there any official response from the developers?

A: No, Blizzard, the developer of Overwatch, has not commented on the controversy.

Q: Was there any other controversy surrounding Overwatch?

A: Overwatch faced critique for women and minority representation, as well as toxic behavior management within the game.”


Overwatch’s “Reflections” comic controversy emphasizes consent and respect in media, with Tracer’s “Tickle in DVA Scene. It’s crucial to recognize the potential impact of seemingly innocuous scenes on different audiences and their sensitivities. Game developers must prioritize inclusivity and diversity to align with community values and create more representative content.