7 Tarot Symbols Found in Today’s Fashion Trends

The fashion world constantly evolves, drawing inspiration from the most unexpected sources to birth new trends that leave a lasting impression. One source of endless inspiration is the mystical world of tarot, where symbols and imagery carry deep meanings and resonate with many on a spiritual level. The rich tapestry of symbols found in tarot cards has beautifully intertwined with today’s fashion, giving rise to styles that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful. Let’s delve into seven tarot symbols that have found their way into contemporary fashion.

The Sun

Representing warmth, joy, and vitality, the Sun card often appears in summer collections, where bright yellows and golds dominate, instilling a sense of hope and optimism. Designers have adopted sun motifs in accessories, embroidery, and prints, creating garments that embody the vibrant energy of the Sun card. This influence is so pervasive that some have likened the surge of sun-inspired fashion to a tarot prophet review coming to life on the runway.

The Moon


The Moon card, denoting intuition and dreams, has sparked a series of fashion lines that play with shades of silver, white, and blue, encouraging individuals to explore their inner selves. The mystery of the moon has inspired celestial jewelry pieces, offering a delicate touch of mysticism to any outfit.

The Star

As a symbol of hope and spiritual guidance, the Star card has encouraged a fashion trend leaning towards cosmic and starry patterns. This trend sees garments adorned with twinkling stars, encouraging wearers to shine bright and maintain hope, mirroring the guiding light that stars provide in the dark sky.

The Empress

The Empress, symbolic of femininity and abundance, finds expression in fashion through lush fabrics and floral prints. Designs inspired by this card often feature rich, vibrant colors and intricate patterns, celebrating the beauty and nurturing nature of femininity.

The Wheel of Fortune

Signifying change and cycles, the Wheel of Fortune card has fostered fashion trends that embrace change through versatile and reversible clothing pieces. This allows wearers to adapt to the changing tides of life stylishly, providing a fresh look with each turn.

The Hermit

Representing introspection and solitude, the Hermit card has spurred a fashion trend leaning towards minimalist and functional designs. This trend focuses on comfortable, earth-toned garments that encourage individuals to retreat inward and engage in self-reflection. To aid in this inward journey, individuals can learn how to unlock the secrets of their DNA for success, blending the spiritual with the scientific for a deeper understanding of oneself.

The World

As a card of completion and integration, The World card has inspired fashion designs that incorporate elements from various cultures, creating a harmonious blend that celebrates diversity and unity. In this trend, garments carry patterns and symbols from around the world, creating a rich tapestry of designs that represent the interconnectedness of all.

As we have seen, the world of tarot has woven itself intricately into the fabric of modern fashion, bringing forth styles that not only enchant the eyes but also speak to the soul. By integrating these symbols into our wardrobe, we can navigate our lives with a sense of wonder and magic, constantly guided by the powerful symbols of the tarot.

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In conclusion, the interconnectedness of tarot and fashion unveils a world where every garment tells a story, where each piece of jewelry carries a deeper meaning, and where the mystical and the material dance in harmonious rhythm. It invites us to embrace the magical, the mysterious, and the mystical in our daily lives, guiding us towards a path of beauty and enlightenment.

The High Priestess

In the midst of the energetic and vibrant symbols in tarot and fashion, the High Priestess stands as a beacon of inner wisdom and intuition. Designs inspired by this enigmatic figure often gravitate towards the use of deep blues, silvers, and moon imagery, emphasizing the connection between the conscious and the subconscious. The fashion pieces echoing the energy of the High Priestess encourage wearers to tap into their intuitive powers and the depths of their subconscious minds, nurturing a deep-rooted connection with their inner selves. Dressing in the likeness of the High Priestess might involve robes of deep, flowing fabrics, rich with moon symbols and intuitive imagery, enveloping the wearer in a cloak of mystery and wisdom.

The Lovers

The embodiment of harmony, connection, and romantic allure, the Lovers card has spawned a romantic wave in the fashion industry. Outfits inspired by this tarot card often pair harmoniously with one another, presenting a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energies. Picture apparel that plays with contrasts – soft fabrics paired with more structured pieces, delicate pastels juxtaposed against bold hues – all coming together to narrate a tale of love, choice, and partnership. Beyond just clothing, accessories also take a cue from this card, with jewelry featuring intertwining designs, representing the union of different forces into a harmonious whole. Thus, fashion influenced by the Lovers card offers a canvas to express unity in duality, painting a picture of balanced energies and complementary forces coming together in a beautiful, aesthetic dance.

The Magician

Championing the power of manifestation and creativity, the Magician tarot card has birthed fashion styles that are bold, commanding, and full of life. Garments inspired by this card unleash the inner power of the wearer, often through the use of vibrant colors, statement pieces, and designs that stand out. Picture outfits that are bold yet harmonious, carrying an energy of someone who is in control of their destiny. Materials like silk, satin, and metallic textures often find a place in this style narrative, adding a touch of magic and wonder to everyday attire. Moreover, Magician-inspired fashion encourages personal expression, urging individuals to manifest their true selves through their clothing choices. It’s a call to the wearers to channel their inner creators, to be bold, to be visionary, and to carve out their unique path in the world, draped in garments that tell a tale of empowerment and magic.