Biography Of Alicia Vikander 2024

Alicia Vikander was born on October 3, 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden to Maria Fahl Vikander, a stage actress, and Svante Vikander, a psychiatrist. Her parents separated when she was a few months old and she was raised mostly by her single mother.

Vikander took interest in performing at a young age, dancing ballet from age 9 to her late teens. She also acted in theater productions at The Göteborg Opera as a child. At 15, Vikander moved to Stockholm on her own to attend the Royal Swedish Ballet School but injuries hindered pursuing a career in ballet. So she switched focus to acting full-time after high school.

Education and Early Acting Career

Vikander studied at the famous Actors School in Sweden for three years. She supported herself by working part-time jobs and appeared in several short films during this time.

Her professional onscreen debut came in 2007 playing the daughter of real-life Swedish Countess Kristina von Rosen in a Swedish TV drama.

Over the next few years, Vikander steadily built up her acting resume in Swedish TV and film projects. Her first international role was the 2012 adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina starring Keira Knightley.

TABLE: Early Acting Work of Alicia Vikander

2007Andra Avenyn (Swedish TV series)Fanny Zander
2008The Rain (short)Elsa
2009En decemberdröm (Swedish TV movie)Matilda
2010Pure (film)Katarina von Unge
2011The Crown JewelsFragancia Fernandez
2012Anna KareninaKitty

Breakthrough Years 2014-2016

After over 5 years working mostly in Sweden, Vikander achieved her breakthrough internationally with several major roles in 2014 and 2015.

A Royal Affair Role

Her first standout leading role came in the 2012 Danish film A Royal Affair playing Queen Caroline Mathilde. Her emotional performance earned her Best Actress awards from festivals in Berlin, San Sebastian, and Tokyo.

This period piece raised Vikander’s profile and garnered critical acclaim but her big breakout came shortly after in 2014.

2014 Breakout Hits & Recognition

2014 marked Vikander’s transition from promising up-and-comer to in-demand A-list star. She had key roles in 4 well-regarded films this year:

  • The epic sci-fi Ex Machina
  • The literary adaptation of Testament of Youth
  • The romantic drama The Man from U.N.C.L.E
  • The critical smash The Danish Girl

Of these, her portrayal of 1920s transgender pioneer Gerda Wegener in The Danish Girl earned Vikander the most recognition. Her emotional performance received:

  • An Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress
  • A Golden Globe Award
  • A SAG Award

With these high-profile roles showcasing her versatility and talent to global audiences, Vikander became one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

Continued Success 2017-Present

Even after her rapid rise to stardom, Vikander has enjoyed continued success in prominent films:

Jason Bourne Movie

In 2016, she appeared alongside Matt Damon in the popular Jason Bourne spy thriller franchise playing a CIA agent.

Tomb Raider Reboot

Vikander then took on the iconic video game heroine Lara Croft in the 2018 reboot of the Tomb Raider film series. She performed many stunts herself and critics praised her athleticism and gritty performance.

Other Notable Roles

Some other notable movies include:

  • Tulip Fever (2017) – Historical drama set in 1600s Amsterdam
  • Submergence (2017) – Drama about a British agent and bio-mathematician who fall in love
  • Earthquake Bird (2019) – Psychological thriller set in 1980s Tokyo
  • The Green Knight (2021) – Fantasy re-telling of the medieval poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Despite only taking a few years off for maternity leave after having a child in 2021, Vikander has maintained her status as one of the most in-demand actresses working today.

Personal Life

Vikander has been married to actor Michael Fassbender since 2017 after they met during filming of The Light Between Oceans in 2014.

The couple had their first child together in 2021. To protect their privacy, Vikander and Fassbender have not released any details publicly about their baby.

The family splits their time between Lisbon, Portugal and the French countryside.

Acting Style and Reception

Vikander has proven herself to be a versatile performer capable of emotionally intense roles and action blockbusters alike.

She convincingly portrays characters across various time periods and said the variety of different roles and exploring “what it means to be human” is what drew her to acting.

Critical Praise

Vikander’s talent and onscreen presence has earned widespread praise from film critics:

  • Xan Brooks of The Guardian described her as “a rising star fizzing with skill and intensity”
  • Leslie Felperin said in her Hollywood Reporter review “Vikander has gone from minor‐key ghost girl roles to major stardom almost overnight and she more than earns that status here”

In less than a decade, Vikander has established herself as one of the most compelling rising talents in cinema. With its reinvention of Japanese Noir and a credible turn from Vikander, ‘

Future Projects

Now in her mid 30s, Vikander shows no signs of slowing down. She has multiple upcoming projects over the next 2 years:

TV Series Adaptation

Vikander is attached to star in the series adaptation of the novel Firebrand playing 16th century Protestant reformer Katherine Willoughby.

Team-Up With David O. Russell

She is also re-uniting with director David O. Russell for the first time since Joy in an currently untitled film. Plot details are being kept secret but it is scheduled to film in 2023.

Irma Vep Limited Series

In 2022, Vikander starred as an American actress cast in a French remake of the classic silent film Irma Vep in Olivier Assayas’ miniseries of the same name. Critics praised her performance in the darkly comic role.

With her stunning talent and smart role choices, Vikander seems sure to remain an in-demand headliner for years to come. She has eschewed typecasting and continues challenging herself which certainly bodes well for continued success.

Vikander’s Career

Analyzing the key factors in Alicia Vikander’s rapid rise to stardom offers insights for aspiring actors and lessons in succeeding in Hollywood:

  • Pure talent – Vikander has undeniable emotional depth onscreen that compellingly draws in audiences
  • Early recognition abroad – Her initial success in Swedish and European films brought important critical acclaim
  • Versatile roles – Choosing a diverse range of complex, challenging roles highlighted her skills
  • Pairing with A-listers – Appearing alongside stars like Matt Damon raised her exposure
  • Smart role selection – Achieving commercial success with big films while also appearing in critical darlings


In an incredibly rapid ascent, Alicia Vikander has become one of the most sought-after and compelling actresses in cinema today. With undeniable talent and emotional depth on screen, Vikander has built up an impressive résumé of complex, challenging roles that highlight her versatility.

Starting off with recognition in European film, a standout performance in A Royal Affair first put Vikander on the map internationally. But it was her portrayal of Gerda Wegener in 2014’s acclaimed The Danish Girl that catapulted her to global stardom and top awards recognition with the Best Supporting Actress Oscar.

Since her breakout, Vikander has shown her ability to succeed in both critically praised indies and big budget blockbusters like Jason Bourne and Tomb Raider. Her continued smart role choices spanning different genres and time periods have allowed her to avoid typecasting. Vikander has proven she can compel audiences whether playing an 1800s Queen, 1920s painter’s wife, or modern action heroine.

Even taking time off for starting a family, Vikander has maintained in-demand status across TV and film. With stunning talent, ever-increasing fame thanks to high profile roles, and undisputed acting skills, Vikander seems sure to remain one of Hollywood’s brightest young talents for years to come. Audiences and critics will be compelled by whatever she chooses to take on next.

Frequently Asked Questions About Alicia Vikander

When and where was Alicia Vikander born?

Alicia Vikander was born on October 3, 1988 in Gothenburg, Sweden.

How did Vikander get her start acting?

Vikander began taking dancing classes at age 9 and appeared in theater productions. She went on to study acting full-time after high school then steadily built up credits in Swedish TV and film.

What was Alicia Vikander’s breakout role?

While the 2012 film A Royal Affair first generated buzz, Vikander’s star-making role came in 2014’s The Danish Girl. Her emotional performance earned the Best Supporting Actress Oscar and global recognition.

What awards has Vikander won?

In addition to the Academy Award, Vikander has won two Golden Globe Awards, Two Critics’ Choice Movie Awards, a SAG Award and an Emmy Award along with over 50 other international nominations and wins.

Is Alicia Vikander married? Who is she married to?

Yes, Vikander is married to acclaimed Irish actor Michael Fassbender best known for roles in films like X-Men, Shame and Hunger. They met filming The Light Between Oceans in 2014 and married privately in 2017.