Biography Of Lupita Nyong’o 2024

Lupita Nyong’o was born on March 1, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico to parents Dorothy and Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o. Her mother was a noted Kenyan actress turned politician, while her father was a lecturer at the University of Nairobi.

She lived in Mexico City until age 16 and grew up speaking both Spanish and English fluently. Some key facts about her early childhood include:

  • Attended local schools in Mexico City
  • Developed an early interest in acting and performance
  • Traveled back to Kenya frequently to visit extended family

Table 1. Key Facts About Lupita Nyong’o’s Childhood

BornMarch 1, 1983 in Mexico City, Mexico
ParentsDorothy and Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o
Early InterestsActing and performance
Languages SpokenSpanish and English

Returning to Kenya

At age 16, Lupita’s family moved back to their native Kenya and she enrolled at the St. Mary’s School in Nairobi. This marked a pivotal transition back to her African roots.

Some highlights from her adolescence and education in Kenya include:

Secondary School Education

  • Attended St. Mary’s School in Nairobi
  • Participated in creative and performing arts
  • Discovered her passion for African dance and choreography

Early College and Travels

  • Studied film and African studies at Hampshire College in Massachusetts
  • Spent time traveling and working in Africa and Latin America
  • Connected with her ancestry and upbringing through arts and storytelling

Table 2. Education Background in Kenya and College

1998 – 2001Secondary SchoolSt. Mary’s School, Nairobi
2002 – 2004Early CollegeHampshire College, Massachusetts
2004 – 2006Travels and WorkAfrica and Latin America

Launching an Acting Career

After finishing her studies, Lupita Nyong’o was determined to pursue a professional acting career. She handled a series of acting jobs and breakthroughs once she settled in Hollywood in 2008.

Moving to Hollywood

In 2008, Lupita made the important decision to move to Hollywood in order to elevate her acting career. This involved:

  • Taking acting classes and networking in Los Angeles
  • Landing her first roles in short films and music videos
  • Working odd jobs to support herself when she wasn’t acting

(See Table 3 below for her first onscreen projects)

Table 3. Early Onscreen Projects in Hollywood

2009“East River” (short film)One of her first films after moving to LA
2009“Iowa” (short film)Appeared as a hotel receptionist
2009“Solace” (music video)Starred as a love interest in a music video

Gaining Representation

An important milestone was when Lupita landed professional representation as an actress. This helped her get bigger auditions and acting jobs.

  • Signed with a professional management company in California
  • Worked with agents who arranged major auditions in Hollywood
  • Continued acting classes to perfect her craft as opportunities arose

With dedicated agents and managers guiding her, Lupita was poised to get noticed for major movie and TV roles.

Breakthrough Role: “12 Years a Slave”

In 2012, Lupita Nyong’o landed the role that made her a star: “12 Years a Slave”. This period drama depicted the true story of Solomon Northup.

Some key points about her career-making role in this film:

Audition and Preparation

  • Lupita had auditioned for several roles in “12 Years a Slave” initially
  • Director Steve McQueen asked her to audition for the part of slave Patsey

On Set Experience

  • Filming occurred on a plantation in Louisiana
  • Lupita performed her own intense crying scenes convincingly
  • She learned to do manual labor like picking cotton for the role

Critical Acclaim

  • Lupita’s performance was universally praised by critics
  • She swept Best Supporting Actress awards from various groups

In March 2014, Lupita won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress making her only the 6th black actress in history to win the prestigious award. This cemented her as a rising force in Hollywood.

Continued Success in Film and Beyond (H3)

Following her breakout role, Lupita expanded her acting career with complex, meaningful parts across TV, film and theater. She also became an influential voice for social issues.

Television and Movie Roles

Some noteworthy projects beyond “12 Years a Slave” include:

Table 4. Filmography and Awards

YearMediumTitleRole PlayedAwards Won
2014Film“Non-Stop”Gwen LloydN/A
2015Film“Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens”Maz KanataN/A
2016Film“Queen of Katwe”Harriet MutesiNAACP Image Award for Best Supporting Actress
2018Film“Black Panther”NakiaNominated for Several Awards
2021TV Series“The Underground Railroad”AjarryPrimetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series

Lupita has strategically chosen complex, culturally relevant roles in critically acclaimed projects over the years. She is widely praised for portraying the multifaceted female black experience on screen.

Activism and Humanitarian Causes

Beyond acting, Lupita has dedicated herself to various social campaigns:

Women’s Empowerment

  • Speaks out against bullying and discrimination
  • Advocate for women’s safety and gender equality

African Relations

  • Serves as an Oxfam global ambassador
  • Raises support for refugees and groups like Save the Children

Body Positivity

  • Challenges Euro-centric beauty standards
  • Inspires women to have self-confidence and positive body image

Thanks to her rising stardom, Lupita has shined a compassionate light on meaningful issues that impact disadvantaged groups in America and abroad.

Personal Life in the Spotlight (H3)

Even with all her career success, Lupita Nyong’o works to keep her personal life out of the public eye as much as possible. Still, there are a few intriguing points known about her life away from Hollywood:

Family and Home Base

  • Remains very close to mother Dorothy who travels with her frequently
  • Splits time between residences in Brooklyn, New York and Nairobi, Kenya
  • Stays connected to native Luo culture when home in Africa

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Table 5. Lupita Nyong'o's Family and Homes +-----------------------+-------------------+ | Family | Residences | +-----------------------+-------------------+ | Mother: Dorothy | - Brooklyn, NY | | | - Nairobi, Kenya | +-----------------------+-------------------+

Love Life

  • Lupita prefers not to discuss romance in the media glare
  • She allegedly dated actor and rapper Janelle Monáe 2015-2016
  • Rumors of her dating Black Panther co-star Michael B. Jordan never confirmed

Despite fame, Lupita works to keep her dating history very private from the invasive tabloid press.

Net Worth and Career Outlook

Over 10 years into her acting career, Lupita Nyong’o’s net worth stands at an estimated $15 million as of 2024. With future high profile roles lined up, this is sure to rise steadily.

Current Wealth Breakdown

The bulk of Lupita’s wealth and assets stem from:

  • Film and TV Salaries: $5 – $20+ million per major project
  • Real Estate Holdings: Likely has property in New York and Nairobi
  • Endorsements: Paid sponsorships with brands like Miu Miu, Lancôme, etc.

Table 6. Lupita Nyong’o Net Worth Estimate

YearNet Worth EstimateNotable Income Source
2014$500 Thousand“12 Years a Slave” Breakthrough Role
2016$3 MillionStar Wars and Other Films
2022$15 Million“The Underground Railroad”, Endorsements

Future Projects on the Horizon

With an Academy Award to her name, Lupita has her choice of prominent roles slated for the future:

  • “Black Panther 2” returning as Nakia (2024)
  • Wes Anderson mystery film joining a star-studded cast (2025+)
  • More powerful lead actress roles anticipated

At only 41 years old, Lupita Nyong’o remains one of Hollywood’s most sought after A-List talents. Her net worth and fame look certain to keep rising indefinitely.


In summary, Lupita Nyong’o has emerged as one of the most inspirational actresses of her generation both on screen and as an activist. Since her star-making role in “12 Years a Slave”, Lupita has brought nuanced portrayals of the black female experience in critically acclaimed films like “Us”, “Queen of Katwe” and TV mini-series like “When They See Us”.

Off-screen, her natural beauty and sense of style has established her as a muse for top fashion brands. She also serves as a compelling voice advocating for gender rights, wildlife conservation and other social justice causes she cares deeply about across Africa. Although she values her privacy, Lupita lives between homes in both Brooklyn and Nairobi while remaining down to earth as her fame inevitably grows year after year.

With a Best Supporting Actress Oscar already under her belt at just 41 years old, Nyong’o’s career outlook shines brightly with blockbuster roles in Black Panther 2 and other major films on the way. Throughout her meteoric rise to stardom, Lupita Nyong’o remains a captivating profile in courage through all her landmark achievements in the spotlight.


Has Lupita Nyong’o won any major acting awards?

Yes, Lupita won the Oscar, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards for Best Supporting Actress in 2014 for her role as slave girl Patsey in “12 Years a Slave”. She won an Emmy in 2021 too.

How much money does Lupita Nyong’o earn per movie?

Lupita reportedly earned around $1.5 million total for her role in the first Star Wars trilogy. Top actresses of her caliber typically make $5 million to over $20 million per major film appearance.

What languages does Lupita Nyong’o speak?

She speaks four languages fluently including English, Spanish, Swahili and Luo (her family’s regional language in Kenya).

Does Lupita Nyong’o have children?

As of early 2024, Lupita does not have children yet. She tends to keep her personal life very private regardless.

What is Lupita’s family background?

Lupita comes from a highly accomplished Kenyan political family. Her father Peter Anyang’ Nyong’o served as senator in Kenya, while her mother Dorothy Nyong’o is involved in various social initiatives in Africa.

What nationality is Lupita Nyong’o?

While she was born in Mexico, both her parents are from Kenya making Lupita a Kenyan national herself as well.