Biography of Priyanka Chopra 2024

Priyanka Chopra was born on July 18, 1982 in Jamshedpur, India to Ashok and Madhu Chopra. Her father was a physician in the Indian Army and her mother was a physician as well. As an army kid, she attended schools across India during her childhood before graduating from Army Public School in Bareilly.

Childhood and Family Background

Chopra comes from a close-knit family. Her parents placed high importance on education and she has one younger brother named Siddharth. Chopra had a very varied cultural upbringing as she changed schools frequently and has stated “I have had the most interesting childhood anyone can imagine.”

Early Education

As the daughter of army physicians, Chopra’s family moved frequently. Some of the schools she attended as a child were:

  • St. Maria Goretti College in Bareilly
  • Newton North High School in Newton, Massachusetts
  • John F. Kennedy High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Queens College in Charlotte, North Carolina

Chopra has very fond childhood memories of performing skits and dance routines with her cousins for her family. This early foray into the performing arts shaped her future vocation.

Winning the Miss World Pageant

A transformational moment in Chopra’s life was being crowned Miss World 2000 at age 18. Some key facts about this pageant win:

  • The pageant was held in London, United Kingdom
  • Chopra impressed the judges with her intelligence during the question and answer round
  • Her win made her the fifth Miss World winner from India

This pageant victory launched Chopra’s acting career in Bollywood. She aspired for roles that broke barriers for Indian actresses at the time.

Bollywood Career Rise to Fame

After some early roles in major productions like “Thamizhan” in 2002, Chopra made her debut in the lead role for a major Bollywood film in the 2003 movie “The Hero”.

Some highlights of her early film career include:

  • Playing 12 distinct roles in the hit movie “What’s Your Raashee?” in 2009
  • Becoming the first South Asian actress to win a People’s Choice Award for “Quantico”
  • Being awarded the Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian award, in 2016

Breakout Performances

Some major movies that propelled Chopra into stardom include:

Andaaz2003Debut lead role
Fashion2008Won National Film Award for Best Actress
Kaminey2009First commercial success
7 Khoon Maaf2011First role as solo lead actress
Barfi!2012Major critical praise and awards
Mary Kom2014Second major commercial success
Bajirao Mastani2015One of highest grossing Bollywood films

This impressive string of movies established Chopra as one of the most prominent and highest-paid actresses in India. She successfully transitioned from mainstream movies to more serious films with her prowess at depicting a wide range of complex roles.

International Crossover Films and Television

As her fame rose, Chopra set her ambitions on breaking into Hollywood. Some major highlights include:


Chopra made history by becoming the first South Asian actress to star as the lead of an American network drama series with ABC’s “Quantico”.

  • Ran for 3 seasons from 2015-2018
  • Chopra played an FBI agent named Alex Parrish
  • Earned a People’s Choice Award in 2016 for this role

Venturing into Film Production

In an effort to have more creative control and choose roles that broke barriers, Chopra founded her own production company in 2015 called Purple Pebble Pictures.

Unlocking New Opportunities

Some movies produced by her company include:

  • Ventilator (2016) – Officially selected for the Jagran Film Festival
  • Kay Re Rascala (2018) – Won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for Best Film
  • The Sky is Pink (2019) – Chopra starred and produced this film based on the life of motivational speaker Aisha Chaudhary

Through this production company, Chopra is actively pursuing more creative control over bringing impactful stories to life on screen.

Philanthropy and Activism

As Chopra became an A-list Hollywood celebrity, she directed her platform towards activism and philanthropy work to lift others up.

Championing Social Causes

Some of her major advocacy work and non-profit activity includes:

  • Working as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador with a focus on promoting children’s rights and education for girls
  • Speaking out for women’s rights and gender equality issues
  • Donating funds towards organizations such as the Save the Children fund

By leveraging her celebrity, Chopra aims to champion gender equality and create new opportunities for girls in India and around the world.

Personal Life and Marriage

As a world-famous celebrity, Chopra has been the target of tabloid headlines about her personal relationships over the years. However, she had largely kept this aspect private until recently.

Relationship with Nick Jonas

In 2018, Chopra began a very high-profile relationship with American musician Nick Jonas. Key facts about their public relationship timeline:

  • Began dating in May 2018
  • Got engaged just 2 months later in July 2018
  • Had three lavish wedding ceremonies mixing Christian and Hindu traditions in December 2018

Their whirlwind romance has remained one of the most talked about celebrity relationships in Hollywood since their splashy wedding.

New Chapter as First-Time Parent

In January 2022, the couple announced they welcomed their first child together via surrogacy.

Key facts about their baby:

  • Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas had a daughter
  • Her name is Malti Marie Chopra Jonas
  • She was born 12 weeks early and had to spend 100 days in the neonatal intensive care unit

Despite early health complications for their premature daughter, their journey into parenthood marked an exciting new chapter.

Priyanka Chopra’s Legacy

As Chopra Jonas continues rising to even greater heights professionally, her legacy as a celebrity is tied to breaking barriers for South Asian representation.

Impact on Bollywood

As one of the most famous Indian actresses ever, Chopra Jonas’ impact on Bollywood has been immense:

  • Her early commercial successes helped open doors for more female lead roles
  • She took risks on complex, non-traditional roles for heroines that pushed boundaries
  • Demonstrated that an Indian actress could achieve mainstream Hollywood success

She will always be remembered for being a trailblazing actress that redefined expectations for Bollywood’s leading ladies through her bold role choices.

Impact on Broader Entertainment Industry

Beyond Bollywood, Chopra Jonas has made major strides for South Asian representation globally:

  • Becoming the lead actress for an American network show was a major triumph
  • Foray into film production has unlocked more opportunities to support untold stories
  • Regarded as one of the most influential global actors thanks to her cross-cultural appeal

Her remarkable rise to prominence has inspired many young girls to dream big in what barriers can be broken.


In conclusion, Priyanka Chopra Jonas has cemented herself as an undisputed icon through her groundbreaking accomplishments spanning both Bollywood and Hollywood. By taking on riskier roles and branching out into film production & philanthropy, she has redefined expectations and opportunities for actresses across Indian cinema and global entertainment more broadly.

With a People’s Choice Award cementing her cross-over stardom, Chopra’s legacy will always be that of a barrier-breaking girl from India who worked her way to worldwide fame. She has inspired millions to aim high and believe that with passion and perseverance, one can truly achieve the unimaginable on one’s own terms, no matter what background you come from.

As Chopra Jonas continues to check off career milestones while balancing life as a first-time parent, there’s no limit to how much higher her star power can rise.

Frequently Asked Questions About Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ inspirational life story has made her one of the most-searched Indian celebrities globally. Here are answers to some frequently asked questions by her legions of fans:

How did Priyanka Chopra become so famous?

Her fame catapulted after she won the Miss World pageant in 2000 when she was just 18 years old. This victory landed her major film roles in Bollywood blockbusters. After becoming one of the biggest stars in Indian entertainment, she strategically pivoted towards Hollywood and broke barriers for South Asian talent.

What makes Priyanka Chopra’s career so groundbreaking?

She has been a true pioneer by becoming the first Indian actress to star as the lead on American television through her FBI agent role on Quantico. She also further leveraged her fame to create her own production company, Purple Pebble Pictures, to fund more films focused on empowering stories.

Has Priyanka Chopra Jonas won any major awards?

Yes! Her awards over a decades-plus career include:

  • National Film Award for Best Actress (Fashion)
  • Five Filmfare Awards
  • A People’s Choice Award for Quantico
  • Padma Shri, India’s fourth highest civilian honor

She has received recognition across both the Indian and American entertainment industries.

What films showcase Priyanka Chopra’s talent the most?

Chopra herself has said her best performances came through more complex roles later in her career in films like 7 Khoon Maaf, Barfi!, Mary Kom, and Bajirao Mastani. These allowed her to showcase her versatile acting chops.

Why did Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas grab so many headlines?

As two of the biggest entertainment stars, Chopra & Jonas’ romantic relationship instantly became a focal point of tabloid news. From their whirlwind engagement to their elaborate multi-cultural wedding ceremonies, every detail made global headlines as a real-life fairy tale story.