Dana Mecum: The Expert in Collector Car Auctions

Dana Mecum, with over three decades of experience, is a prominent name in the collector car auction industry. The company has set the standard for buying and selling classic and vintage cars, making it the go-to source for many collectors.

┬áThis article will provide a comprehensive overview of Dana, including its history, services, and answers to frequently asked questions about the company’s auctions. Get ready to discover why it is considered a leader in the collector car market.

The History of Dana Mecum:

Dana founded his auction company in 1991 with a mission to provide a superior platform for collector car enthusiasts. Since then, the company has expanded and now conducts over 20 collector car auctions annually, each one attracting thousands of bidders and spectators.

Services Offered by Dana Mecum:

Offers a wide range of services for buyers and sellers of collector cars. From pre-auction consignment to post-auction sales, the company provides a seamless experience for its clients. They also offer on-site inspections, secure storage, and transportation services for added convenience.

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Q: Where are Dana Mecum auctions held?

A: The auctions are held across the United States in various cities, including Indianapolis, Kissimmee, Seattle, and Las Vegas.

Q: What types of cars are sold at Dana Mecum auctions?

A: The company specializes in collector cars, including muscle cars, hot rods, and classic vehicles.

Q: Is it possible to bid online at Dana Mecum auctions?

A: Yes, the company offers online bidding for those unable to attend the live auction.

Q: What is the consignment process for sellers at Dana auctions?

A: The consignment process involves filling out a form, providing photos and details about the vehicle, and then submitting it for review by the Dana team. They will then provide a quote and assist with the auction process.


Dana Mecum is a highly respected name in the collector car auction industry, offering a comprehensive range of services for buyers and sellers alike. With its long history and proven track record, the company is the go-to choice for those looking to buy or sell classic and vintage vehicles.