Different apps to learn science in a dynamic and entertaining way

Smartphones not only keep us permanently connected on a social level or for work issues: they are also tools that facilitate the learning of different specialties or areas of knowledge and this thing is possible due to the internet connection.

In this ocean of possibilities offered by the digital world, no field seems impossible to learn. Science is one of the most complexes but you can learn it in different ways including Science trivia questions for adults or you can learn with the help of different scientific applications.

It is all a matter of searching. And, if you are a science lover, these are 10 essential apps that you must download to your phone.


Available for download on iOS and Android, this paid application is one of the most complete when it comes to studying the organs and parts of the human body.

It is a worthwhile investment because it contains the essential anatomy of the bones, heart, and brain, as well as ten systems, including the respiratory, circulatory, nervous, digestive, muscular and lymphatic systems. Its 3D graphics offer amazing details that make it ideal for students and professionals.


The interactivity that this app allows to get acquainted with the activity of the brain is one of its great virtues. Not surprisingly, it registers more than a million downloads in the Apple and Android stores.

To be more exact, with it the user can obtain information about 29 brain structures, with the possibility of rotating and zooming.


Through a friendly and easy-to-use interface, this application allows knowing how recessive genetic traits and diseases are inherited, and how certain diseases are more frequent in some populations.

Likewise, thanks to the information housed in each of its sections, the user can understand what genetics is and access an interactive map of genetically inherited diseases in different cultures and ethnic groups. It is available only for iOS.


Continuing with the theme of astronomy, this paid app, available for iOS and Android, transforms the Tablet or smartphone into a mobile planetarium.

Similar to Star Walk, it allows the user to discover the night sky, explore strange planets and expand their knowledge with detailed information about astronomy and astronautics.


Learning the names and symbols of chemical elements can be a headache. For this reason, this application defines itself in the Google Play store as “the only periodic table you need”. Developed by the Royal Society of Chemistry,

it offers a detailed description of the chemical elements according to a category, state, crystal structure -with images-, symbol, atomic number, melting point, electronegativity, the configuration of electrons, isotopes and much more.


Its more than five million downloads on the App Store and Google Play speak for themselves: this app is one of the best for math lovers.

This application allows performing different types of calculations in different areas including trigonometry, algebra, calculus, and statistics.

Its strong point is that it allows you to visualize all the steps that have led to solving the proposed operation, which is a great learning and review method.

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