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Duct Cleaning And Other Things To Deep Clean Before Your Baby Arrives

Are you expecting a newborn soon? Their delicate health makes a deep duct cleaning, among other things, in your home essential. A significant part of preparing for a newborn is making your home contaminant-free. Newborns have developing immune systems, making them vulnerable to allergens and illness-causing germs. 

Deep cleaning helps reduce their exposure. It also eliminates safety hazards that could harm your little one. Here are the top 8 areas, including duct cleaning. Both pediatricians and cleaning pros advise parents to disinfect before the baby arrives thoroughly.

  1. Carpets & Rugs

Carpeting harbors all kinds of allergens and dirt. So, a deep clean of all rugs and carpeting is necessary before the baby.

Vacuum carpets daily the week before your due date to pick up surface-level debris. Then, have carpets professionally steam cleaned to sanitize deep down. The high-heat steam sanitizes by killing bacteria, viruses, dust mites, and other allergens lurking deep in carpet fibers.

For area rugs, clean them outdoors with an antimicrobial rug shampoo. Let them fully dry in sunlight before bringing them back inside. Sunlight’s UV rays act as a natural disinfectant.

  1. Furniture & Bedding 

Get into all crevices of upholstered furniture and mattresses with a disinfectant cleaner. Pay close attention to areas where dust and dander collect, like under cushions and seams. 

Use a soft brush in crevices to lift out debris buildup. Vacuum under cushions before washing the surfaces to remove loose particulates.

Wash all linens and blankets on a sanitizing cycle. For items that can’t be washed, like pillows, use a steamer to kill germs and allergens. The hot steam penetrates deep to sanitize interior stuffing. 

Also, sanitize crib mattresses, changing table pads, rocking chair cushions, and other baby items. 

  1. Windows & Window Treatments

To create a clean and safe environment for your baby, wash curtains and blinds in hot water with a sanitize or antimicrobial setting if available, rinse thoroughly to remove detergent residues, disinfect window sills and tracks with a diluted bleach solution, and use non-toxic glass cleaners for windows and doors to remove allergens and maintain healthy living space.

  1. HVAC System 

A must on your pre-baby deep cleaning checklist is professional air duct cleaning. Built-up dust, pet dander, and more in your HVAC system get blown into the air you breathe.

Call duct cleaners to thoroughly sanitize your ductwork using approved disinfectants, eliminating germs and preventing microbial growth. They will also remove all accumulated particulate matter, clearing allergen triggers such as dust and pet dander. 

Additionally, they can check for and remediate any mold issues, preventing spores from circulating and potentially impacting your baby’s respiratory health.

  1. Floors

Crawl spaces are notorious for dirt and allergen collectors. So scrub all floors, especially under furniture and appliances.

For hard floors, use a powerful steam mop to sanitize. Steam kills germs and microbes without chemical residues.

With carpeting, go over it repeatedly with a vacuum before professional steam cleaning. Cleaning floor crevices eliminates places for germs and allergens to hide. 

  1. Walls & Ceilings 

Pay attention to walls and ceilings when prepping for the baby. Dust clinging to them inevitably gets stirred up and airborne.

Give every surface a thorough wipe-down before the baby arrives—Disinfect walls with an antimicrobial cleaner and soft brush to lift stuck-on grime.

Dip a microfiber cloth in a bucket of warm water mixed with a few drops of castile soap. I wring it out well, so it’s just damp. 

  1. Electronics

Electronics like phones, tablets, TV remotes, and baby monitors are magnets for invisible germs. But they often get overlooked when cleaning for the baby.

Be sure to sanitize these items so you don’t transfer bacteria to your infant. Disinfectant wipes are great for getting into crevices on electronics to kill germs.  

  1. Air Filters

Dirty air filters lead to poor indoor air quality that affects baby’s health. Change out HVAC filters one month before your due date for optimal air purity.  

Also, install high-performance air filters to trap allergens and pet dander. And add in-duct UV lights as an extra germ-killing measure.

Have HVAC maintenance to ensure the system is clean and operating efficiently before the baby.

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