7 Best Evite Alternatives of 2023 | Free Online Invitations With RSVP

7 Best Evite Alternatives of 2023 | Free Online Invitations With RSVP

“Searching for online invitation services on Google? You’re in luck because there are some fantastic options available for inviting your friends and business associates over the internet. No more hassle of printing and mailing cards to their homes. In the United States, we’ve embraced various online invitation services to connect with our loved ones through convenient applications. Evite is among these services, although it may not be everyone’s favorite. Taking personal preferences into account, I’ve compiled a list of the top websites similar to Evite for online invitations in 2023.”

What is Evite?

“Evite is a website designed for the creation, distribution, and management of online invitations to connect with your friends and family. Established in 1998, it has gained popularity among users worldwide. Evite is renowned for its wide range of features, such as customizable invitations, donation hosting, automated reminders, and more.

Yet, Evite is just one of many websites offering these features. Numerous other platforms offer comparable and sometimes even superior features. Below, we’ve compiled a selection of the top alternatives to the Evite website.”

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Top 7 Evite Alternatives of 2023

Best websites like Evite.com website include free online Invitations With RSVP.

#1 Anyvite

“This stands out as a prime alternative to Evite, offering free online invitations complete with RSVP options, enabling you to send customized invites to your friends and family via SMS. The platform equips creators with a variety of tools to craft impressive invitations.

Through this website, you can effortlessly plan and manage your own events, including the option to sell tickets through the invitations. Anyvite empowers users to invite their friends to your event, with the added flexibility to set limits on the number of friends each guest can invite, or even disable this feature for specific attendees.”

#2 Punchbowl

“Another valuable substitute for the Evite platform, Punchbowl is renowned for its intuitive interface and an array of impressive features. It boasts a collection of vibrant templates and offers the convenience of sending invitations to up to 100 guests per event.

What sets Punchbowl apart from other alternatives is its unique ability to schedule invitation delivery at your preferred time. Additionally, this platform enables you to send RSVP cards that can be easily tracked, and you can provide event updates to your guests.”

#3 Purpletrail

“If you’re in search of a highly customizable alternative to Evite, Purpletrail is an excellent choice. With over 5000 designs available for various events like birthdays, holidays, and weddings, it offers extensive options for customization to suit your needs.

Sending these invitations is completely free, and the website is ad-free, ensuring a seamless experience. The premium version of Purpletrail even offers the option to have your invitation cards printed and physically delivered to your guests.”

#4 Paperless Post

“True to its name, this is another platform for sending online invitations. One distinctive feature of this website is its questionnaire-based template suggestion. It tailors templates based on your responses to specific questions.

Paperless Post offers the ability to track every sent invitation directly on its website. Moreover, there’s a premium plan that enables you to send invitations to a staggering 15,000 recipients simultaneously.”

#5 Greetingsisland

“This is among the swiftest platforms, enabling you to craft an event invitation in mere minutes. GreetingsIsland offers a variety of templates tailored to different occasions.

Tracking invitations sent through GreetingsIsland is a breeze. It’s a handy option if you plan to sell tickets for external events or gather donations. You also have the choice to subscribe to their Premium service, available on a monthly or yearly basis.”

#6 Shindigg

“This platform offers comprehensive event management services, allowing you to both create and oversee your events. It facilitates event creation, invitation design, and ticket sales. You can distribute invitations through social media platforms and email.

To get started, you’ll need to establish an event page on this website, which can be customized with text, images, videos, and animations. Subsequently, you can furnish all the necessary event information on the page.”

#7 Facebook

“Facebook stands as one of the world’s most extensively used social media platforms. It offers the convenience of event creation and sending invitations to your friends and family.

The event creation process on Facebook is straightforward, requiring nothing more than a Facebook account. You can also customize the privacy settings for your event, choosing from options like Public, Friends of Guests, or Invite Only.”


“Here are some of the top alternatives to the Evite website. Any of the platforms mentioned above can be employed to organize and distribute invitations for your events to friends and family. If we’ve inadvertently overlooked a valuable alternative to Evite, kindly share it with us in the comments section below. Cheers!”

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