How to Access AA Inflight Entertainment to Watch Movies

In the realm of global aviation, American Airlines (A.A.) stands as a behemoth, distinguishing itself as one of the largest carriers. The year 2021 witnessed a remarkable feat as A.A. outpaced all competitors in passenger count, catering to an astounding 165.7 million travelers and securing a commanding share of over 19% in the U.S. domestic market.

Teaming up with its regional counterpart, American Eagle, A.A. orchestrates flights to approximately 55 countries daily. Yet, did you know that you can make the most of American Airlines’ inflight entertainment system to indulge in movies?

Certainly, the opportunity is now yours to seize – leveraging American Airlines Inflight for an immersive movie-watching experience. If navigating this feature seems a tad unclear, fret not! Simply peruse this guide to the end, and all will become crystal clear.

Discovering the World of Entertainment with AA Inflight

Unveiling the Streaming Delights

Gone are the days when you had to board the plane to unveil the array of entertainment options. Now, travelers can conveniently explore American Airlines’ entertainment offerings right from the airline’s website before taking off. By entering your flight number, you can preview the day’s scheduled entertainment, making your journey more tailored to your preferences.

While catching up on every movie released this year might be a stretch, the likes of Baywatch, The Beguiled, and Guardians of the Galaxy are just a glimpse of what American Airlines Inflight has to offer. The library receives regular updates, introducing new movies every month, along with dedicated channels featuring classics and music from renowned artists.

Safety with AA American Airlines

Since its groundbreaking inception, American Airlines has maintained an exemplary track record of safe and efficient flight operations spanning several decades. With over two million flights annually, the airline has an impressively low incidence rate, playing a pivotal role in shaping today’s large and efficient airline system. The extensive size and longstanding operating history of American Airlines lay a robust foundation for passenger safety.

Your Ticket to Inflight Movies

Choosing to fly with A.A. not only means reaching your destination but also enjoying a seamless streaming experience. With the American Airlines app installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can stream movies and TV shows without the need for WiFi. For those on WiFi-equipped flights, the world of entertainment is at your fingertips.

How to Watch Movies on American Airlines Inflight 2023


  • Join the AA-Inflight WiFi network.
  • Open a browser and enter
  • Click on “View free entertainment” or locate the entertainment button/icon.
  • Select your desired movie or TV show.

Phone or Tablet:

  • Download the American Airlines app before your flight.
  • Enable airplane mode and connect to AA-Inflight WiFi.
  • Open a browser and enter
  • Click on the entertainment button/icon and choose to view free entertainment.
  • Select your preferred movie or TV show (Note: Available after the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet).

How to Login AA Inflight Movies via

For Phone/Tablet users:

  • After connecting to inflight WiFi, disable airplane mode if not automatically redirected.
  • Open your browser and enter

For Laptop users:

  • No need to switch off airplane mode.
  • If not redirected, go to

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Does American Airlines (AA) provide free WiFi for in-flight movies?

Currently, American Airlines does not offer free WiFi. However, plans for free WiFi on all flights are underway. In the meantime, consider a Gogo subscription plan to minimize internet costs.

How reliable is American Airlines WiFi?

American Airlines uses Gogo for in-flight internet, and while the connection may not be exceptionally strong, it’s available even at 550 mph. Note that this service is not complimentary.

How does AA In-flight Entertainment work?

Passengers have enjoyed in-flight entertainment (IFE) since 1936. American Airlines continues this tradition, offering a range of amenities to enhance the onboard experience.

In Conclusion

That concludes the straightforward process of accessing AA Inflight for an enjoyable movie experience. If you need more information, drop a comment below. Happy streaming!