How to Fix WASD Swapped with Arrow Keys Windows 10?

The “WASD swapped with arrow keys” error occurs when the standard controls in a game or program undergo an unintended switch. In many video games, the letters “WASD” are conventionally designated for movement controls, while the arrow keys are utilized for navigation. However, when these controls are inadvertently interchanged, the movement controls may be reassigned to the arrow keys, and the navigation controls may be linked to the letters “WASD.”

This alteration can lead to confusion and difficulties in playing the game. The error may stem from various sources, such as software conflicts, compatibility issues with the game, corrupted game files, or incorrect keyboard mapping.

How to Fix WASD Swapped with Arrow Keys Windows 10?

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow to address the “WASD swapped with arrow keys” error in Windows 10:

  1. Restart your computer: A simple restart may resolve temporary software conflicts causing the issue.
  2. Update your keyboard drivers: Ensure your keyboard drivers are up-to-date to prevent compatibility problems. You can update drivers through the Device Manager in Windows 10.
  3. Change the keyboard layout: Some games may not work well with the standard keyboard layout. Experiment with different layouts in the Control Panel to see if the problem persists.
  4. Verify the game files: Check for corrupted game files by verifying them through the game’s properties or the Steam platform. Confirm that all files are present and correct.
  5. Reinstall the game: If previous steps are unsuccessful, uninstall and reinstall the game. This can resolve compatibility issues that might be contributing to the problem.
  6. Contact the game developer: If issues persist, reach out to the game developer for assistance. They may offer a solution or release a patch to address the problem.

If the problem continues despite these efforts, it could be related to a hardware issue with your keyboard or a broader compatibility problem with your system. In such cases, seeking professional assistance may be necessary.

Why Did WASD and Arrow Keys Switched?

There are various reasons why the WASD and arrow keys might have swapped:

  1. Software conflict: Conflicts in software or programs can lead to incorrect control mappings. Resolving such conflicts can often be achieved by restarting the computer or updating relevant drivers.
  2. Game compatibility: Certain games may not align with the standard keyboard layout, causing the controls to switch. To address this, consider changing the keyboard layout or reinstalling the game.
  3. Corrupted game files: Corrupted game files might result in misconfigured controls. Verifying the game files or reinstalling the game can help rectify this issue.
  4. Incorrect keyboard mapping: If you’ve remapped your keyboard, it could be the cause of control switching. Check your keyboard mapping settings and revert them to their default configuration if needed.
  5. Hardware problem: A hardware issue with your keyboard could be responsible for control swapping. If the problem persists despite other attempts to fix it, it may indicate a hardware problem, necessitating professional assistance.

Tips to Fix WASD Swapped with Arrow Keys:

Unlock the mystery behind the “WASD swapped with arrow keys” error with these insider tips:

  1. Disable gamepad support: If you have a connected gamepad, consider disabling its support in the game settings to eliminate conflicts with keyboard controls.
  2. Modify game configuration files: For those tech-savvy individuals, some games allow edits to their configuration files for control adjustments. While this may require technical know-how, it can be a valuable solution if other methods fall short.
  3. Utilize third-party software: Explore third-party programs designed for keyboard control remapping. These tools prove beneficial when you need to alter controls across multiple games.
  4. Clear computer cache: Eliminate potential issues arising from temporary files or corrupted data by clearing your computer’s cache.

By applying these clandestine tips, you might uncover the solution to the “WASD swapped with arrow keys” error, ensuring a seamless gaming experience with the correct controls. Keep in mind that not every tip may be universally effective, so be open to trying multiple solutions until you find the one tailored to your situation.


To sum up, if you come across the “WASD swapped with arrow keys” error on Windows 10, there are various steps to troubleshoot the issue. These steps encompass restarting your computer, updating keyboard drivers, altering the keyboard layout, verifying game files, reinstalling the game, and reaching out to the game developer for support. If the problem persists, it could be linked to a hardware glitch in your keyboard or a compatibility concern with your system, necessitating professional assistance for further resolution.