How to turn OFF RTT on Android?

RTT (Real-time Text) is a communication protocol designed to transmit text in real-time over an IP network. It benefits individuals who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, or have speech disabilities by enabling text-based communication. On Android, RTT is integrated into the operating system, supporting real-time text communication through RTT-enabled apps.

To use RTT, both users must have RTT-capable phones and be using RTT-enabled apps. Messages appear on-screen as they are typed, facilitating text-based conversations similar to phone calls.

What RTT Does:

Real-Time Text (RTT) allows immediate transmission of text as it’s typed, differing from traditional pre-written text messages. It fosters an instantaneous exchange of information, proving beneficial for those with hearing or speech challenges.

RTT transmits characters as they’re typed, providing recipients with a real-time view of the message as it’s being composed. This offers a natural and conversational experience akin to voice communication.

RTT is supported by some wireless carriers, available on mobile devices, computers, and other internet-connected devices with RTT-enabled software or browsers. It finds applications in industries like healthcare, integrating with voice and video conferencing for comprehensive real-time communication.

Why You Can’t Turn Off RTT on Android:

Disabling RTT on Android might vary based on the device and OS version. Some devices lack the option to disable RTT, and it might be integral to the operating system or mandated by the carrier. If faced with difficulties, contacting the device manufacturer or carrier is advisable.

How to Disable RTT Phone Calls:

To disable RTT phone calls on Android:

  1. Check device settings: Navigate to accessibility settings and look for options related to RTT, TTY, or accessibility. Toggle RTT off if available.
  2. Disable in the Phone app: Explore the Phone app settings for options related to RTT, TTY, or call settings. Turn off RTT if the option exists.
  3. Contact your carrier: If unable to disable RTT, reach out to your carrier for assistance. They may provide guidance or disable RTT on their network.

Note: Disabling RTT may impact effective communication for individuals with hearing or speech challenges.

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How to Disable RTT Call Notifications on Android:

Steps to disable RTT call notifications on Android:

  1. Open the “Settings” app.
  2. Scroll to “Accessibility.”
  3. Tap on “RTT Call.”
  4. Toggle the “RTT Call” option off.

Exact steps may vary based on the device model and Android version. If unable to find the option, contact the device manufacturer or carrier for assistance.

Why RTT Turns On Randomly on Android:

Several factors may cause RTT to turn on randomly:

  1. User interaction: Enabling RTT in accessibility settings or activating it during a call.
  2. System updates: Changes to the device’s OS or software updates may trigger RTT activation.
  3. Third-party apps: Some apps might turn on RTT without user consent.
  4. Carrier or network settings: RTT may be enabled by default on the carrier’s network.

To prevent random RTT activation, disable it in accessibility settings or seek assistance from the carrier or device manufacturer.


Turning off RTT on Android is a straightforward process. Navigate to the “Accessibility” or “System Accessibility” section in the “Settings” app, locate “RTT Calls” or “Real-Time Text,” and toggle it off. Though steps may slightly differ, the process is generally simple. Disabling RTT ensures that real-time text features are no longer active during phone calls.