How to Use Fatal to the Flesh Website


Fatal to the Flesh is a distinctive website offering users a gaming experience on a blank canvas, devoid of specific objectives or progression through levels. Conceived by Rafael Rozendaal in 2004, this platform provides individuals with an unconventional space to showcase their skills and unwind. This article will delve into the key aspects of Fatal to the Flesh, providing a comprehensive understanding of its purpose and features.

What is Fatal To The Flesh?

Upon entering Fatal To The Flesh, users encounter a blank white screen. As they move the cursor, red fragments emerge, resembling wounds on the skin against the white backdrop. The user can generate additional fragments by navigating the cursor, creating simulated bloody wounds on the screen. Importantly, Fatal To The Flesh is not designed to promote self-harm; rather, it serves as a digital alternative for those dealing with self-destructive thoughts. By engaging in simulation games on the site, users can redirect their attention from harmful behaviors, finding a non-destructive outlet for expressing their emotions.

The website acts as a controlled space for users to express grief and emotions without causing harm. Through simulation games on a blank page, users can channel their feelings, seeking release or catharsis in a non-harmful manner.


The visual cues on Fatal To The Flesh discourage self-harming behavior by employing simulation techniques. These platforms act as preventive measures, offering individuals an alternative to self-harm. By expressing emotions on a virtual representation of the human body, users can find a release without resorting to actual harm. The red markings on each cut enhance the realism, providing a familiar experience for users.

Technical Information

Upon entering the website, users are greeted with a blank page, and the markings vary based on mouse movement speed. Swift movements deepen the groove, accompanied by an increased flow of red drops. The website holds a trust rating of 67%, attributed to its age and HTTPS protocols ensuring secure browsing. However, information about the website’s developer or author is unavailable, and limited technical details are provided.

The website, registered since February 8, 2004, boasts longevity, contributing to its perceived credibility.

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Using Fatal to the Flesh in 2023

The website is designed to be user-friendly. Users can visit the site, resize the canvas, and, by moving the mouse rapidly, observe a zoom-out effect. Slow mouse rotation results in small strokes on the screen, enhancing the interactive experience. Besides these features, the website offers harmless games as alternative outlets for digital self-expression, avoiding any actual harm.

Final Words

While Fatal to the Flesh offers a unique digital alternative, seeking professional help is advisable for those experiencing frequent self-destructive thoughts. Reaching out to experts ensures effective support and guidance for emotional well-being.