Julia Rose Biography: The Julia Rose Biography You Didn’t Know You Needed

Julia Rose is an American internet personality, model, and podcast host who rose to fame starting in 2015. She’s known for her popular Instagram account showcasing her risque modeling photos, her role on the MTV reality shows Are You The One? and The Challenge, and her appearances in music videos and men’s magazines.

More recently, Julia co-founded the digital magazine SHAGMAG and launched her own podcast, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. Learn all about her background and career journey in this extensive biography.

Early Life and Family

Julia Rose was born Julia Rose Lewis on May 18, 1993 in Jericho, New York. She was raised by her mother Tiffany, along with her older brother Ethan. Her parents divorced when she was young. J

ulia grew up with a passion for gymnastics and cheerleading, participating in competitive gymnastics for over a decade. She also enjoyed modeling from a young age. After graduating from Jericho High School in 2011, Julia attended college at Penn State Hazleton for two years.

Rise to Fame on MTV

In 2017 at age 24, Julia got her big break when she was cast on the MTV reality dating show Are You the One? season 4. On the show, she did not find a perfect match but gained popularity for her outspoken, vivacious personality which brought plenty of drama. This opened the door to joining the next season of The Challenge in 2018 titled Final Reckoning. Paired with teammate Stephen Bear, she proved to be a fierce competitor but was ultimately eliminated in episode 9. Still, Julia gained over 1 million Instagram followers during her time on MTV, kickstarting her influencer career.

Table 1. Julia Rose’s Reality TV Appearances

Are You The One? Season 42017Starred as a single cast member looking for love
The Challenge: Final Reckoning2018Teamed up with Stephen Bear, eliminated on episode 9

Rise on Instagram and Modeling Career

After leaving The Challenge Julia focused her efforts on expanding her Instagram account and modeling career. She began regularly posting sultry, attention-grabbing photos highlighting her curvaceous figure. This earned her features in publications like Playboy México, Sports Illustrated, and Blazin magazine as her follower count climbed. She also supplemented her modeling by promoting various brands and products on Instagram.

By late 2018, Julia had over 2 million Instagram followers and joined the collaborative model house The Dollhouse along with other social media influencers. The models worked together to produce YouTube videos and viral content. During this prolific time Julia notably appeared in music videos for rappers like YG, Famous Dex, and Warm Brew, further elevating her visibility.

SHAGMAG Venture and Podcast

Never one to slow down, Julia embarked on her most ambitious venture yet in early 2019 when she co-founded SHAGMAG. SHAGMAG was intended to be an unapologetically bold, indie digital magazine celebrating femininity and women’s bodies. Julia serves as CEO and manages a team producing exciting, enticing visual editorials and articles. SHAGMAG has featured photoshoots with models like Francia James and Mathilde Tantot, along with coverage on adult industries and cannabis culture.

Most recently in summer 2021, Julia launched her popular podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen alongside friends Briana Chickenfry and Kinsey Wolanski. The weekly podcast gives intimate, uncensored insight into their lives as young influencers including NSFW chatter and bold celebrity interviews. Within just 6 months, 3 Girls 1 Kitchen built a dedicated listenership and was receiving over 200,000 downloads per episode.

Table 2. Major Career Milestones and Achievements

2017Cast member on MTV’s Are You The One? season 4
2018Competitor on MTV’s The Challenge: Final Reckoning
2019Launched digital magazine SHAGMAG as CEO
2021Co-founded podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen
2022Over 3.7 million Instagram followers

Controversies and Banned from MLB

Despite Julia’s meteoric rise to fame, it has not come without controversy. Most notoriously in October 2019 during Game 5 of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Washington Nationals, Julia and her SHAGMAG co-founder Lauren Summer flashed their breasts on live TV as a promotional stunt. This got them permanently banned from MLB stadiums which only brought more attention.

Previously in 2018 Julia had also received backlash over accusations of cheating and sabotage on The Challenge, souring her reputation to some viewers. She has also faced some criticism online over her extremely revealing photos and posts. However, Julia has never been afraid to show off her sensual side, proudly calling herself “the internet’s girlfriend”.

Personal Life and Relationships

In terms of her personal life, Julia tends to keep most details private outside of her podcast. From 2018-2020 she was in a serious relationship with YouTube star Jake Paul and the two lived together. Their volatile breakup played out publicly with accusations of infidelity and manipulation, but they ultimately moved on.

Julia also briefly dated rapper DaBaby in 2021 after his split from singer DaniLeigh. As of 2022 Julia appears to be single and focused on expanding her business ventures. She has expressed wanting to have a family someday but is currently unattached.

Despite some backlash Julia still maintains a loyal following, especially among Gen Z audiences drawn to her unfiltered persona. She splits time living in luxury homes in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles depending on her work projects. With her podcast reaching new heights and SHAGMAG scaling up, Julia Rose should remain an unignorable force in pop culture for years to come.


In summary, Julia Rose is an unapologetic social media influencer and savvy entrepreneur who has captivated millions with her stunning looks and fearless persona. After launching to fame on MTV she quickly became an Instagram modeling sensation, leading to features in major magazines and music videos. Her SHAGMAG venture and massively popular podcast have only elevated her star power further in recent years.

While no stranger to controversies and wild antics, there’s no denying Julia Rose remains an endlessly buzzworthy force in pop culture. Now nearing 30 with a hugely successful career under her belt, Julia seems destined to continue enticing and inspiring her millions of Gen Z fans for years to come. Her candid podcast insights and steamy SHAGMAG content will doubtlessly ensure she stays the internet’s girlfriend.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Julia Rose

Want to learn more Julia Rose’s background, career, controversies, and personal life? Check out answers to these commonly asked questions about the celeb model and influencer:

Where is Julia Rose from?

Julia Rose was born Julia Rose Lewis on May 18, 1993 in Jericho, New York. She grew up on Long Island as an only child with her older brother Ethan and mother Tiffany after her parents divorced when she was young. She graduated high school in Jericho, NY in 2011.

What is Julia Rose best known for?

Julia Rose made a name for herself starring on MTV reality shows Are You The One? and The Challenge in 2017-2018. This launched a massively successful modeling and influencing career on Instagram where she now has over 3.7 million followers. She’s also known as co-founder and CEO of digital magazine SHAGMAG and host of raunchy podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen.

Why did Julia Rose get banned from MLB games?

In October 2019 Julia and her business partner Lauren Summer executed a viral promotional stunt for SHAGMAG where they flashed their breasts behind the pitcher on live TV during Game 5 of the World Series. This got them permanently banned from all MLB ballparks across the country but generated huge publicity.

Who has Julia Rose dated?

From 2018-2020 Julia was in a high profile relationship with YouTube sensation Jake Paul and the former couple lived together in Los Angeles during the peak of their romance. Following their messy split which played out online, Julia had a short-lived fling with rapper DaBaby in 2021. As of 2022 she appears to currently be single.

What is Julia Rose doing now?

Now age 29, Julia is focused on expanding her business ventures while her influencer career remains hotter than ever. She runs her digital magazine SHAGMAG as CEO and creative director, producing new photo editorials and articles with her team. She also co-hosts risque podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen with friends Kinsey Wolanski and Bri Chickenfry. Julia splits her time between luxury homes in Austin, Texas and Los Angeles.