Kat Timpf Biography: Decoding Kat Timpf’s Captivating Life Story

Kat Timpf is an American television personality, reporter, columnist, and author best known for her work with Fox News Channel. She has gained popularity for her libertarian political views and commentary blended with sarcasm and humor. This article will explore Kat’s background, career highlights, controversies, personal life, and legacy.

Early Life and Education

Kat was born Katherine “Kat” A. Timpf on October 29, 1988 in Detroit, Michigan. She spent most of her childhood in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Kat developed an interest in politics and news media at a young age. She attended Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan where she studied English and Philosophy. While in college, Kat wrote for The Hillsdale Collegian student newspaper covering campus politics and current events.

Launch of Media Career

After graduating in 2010, Kat moved to Washington D.C. to pursue a full-time career in political commentary and journalism. Her first major role was serving as a digital editor for The Washington Times.

In 2012, Kat began producing viral videos for the Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org. Her funny on-camera segments about college campus controversies helped grow large social media audiences.

Rise to Prominence at Fox News

Kat gained wider fame when she was hired by Fox News Channel in 2013 as a contributor. She appeared across Fox’s programs offering her witty libertarian takes on the latest political and cultural issues.

In 2017, Kat joined the network’s late-night panel show The Greg Gutfeld Show. Her chemistry with host Greg Gutfeld led to her becoming one of the show’s most popular personalities.

Kat also began hosting a recurring segment on Fox’s afternoon talk show The Five called “One More Thing” where she riffs on a recent weird news story.

Other Media Ventures

In addition to her Fox News appearances, Kat writes weekly opinion columns published by Creators Syndicate. She has also authored two books: 2020’s The Social Distancing of the Warrior Cop about the militarization of police and 2022’s Sick of Woke.

Kat launched a personal podcast and YouTube channel in 2021 called Timpf Talk where she offers commentary on news, politics, and pop culture.


While Kat is popular with conservative viewers, her Libertarian principles and irreverent humor sometimes land her attention and backlash from the left and right.

In 2019, Kat sparked outrage on social media for joking about her lack of sympathy for cultural sites damaged in wars. She apologized saying she used edgy humor to make a political point about valuing human rights over property rights.

Kat has also been criticized for arguing that obesity is a greater public health threat than COVID-19. Medical experts called her take dangerous misinformation.

Personal Life

Kat keeps much of her personal life private outside of her media career. There were rumors she secretly married her longtime boyfriend in 2021, but that has not been confirmed.

It is known that Kat splits her time living in both New York City for work and the Washington D.C. suburbs where she owns a home.

In her spare time, Kat volunteers with animal rescue organizations. She fosters injured cats and dogs until they can be adopted.

Kat has been open about her past battles with anorexia during college. She says focusing on her career ambitions in media helped her recovery.

Legacy and Impact

As Kat continues to appear on Fox News in her 30s, she has become one of conservative media’s most influential female voices of her generation.

Her fans find her commentary refreshing because she brings logic and principles to issues rather than partisan talking points. She also connects through her use of humor and self-deprecation.

Critics argue Kat’s rhetoric can sometimes be excessively cruel toward those she disagrees with politically. They believe she props up dangerous false narratives on issues like policing and public health policy.

Regardless of one’s views, there is no denying Kat has already left a sizable impact on the modern media landscape. With decades left in her career, her legacy continues to evolve.

Who is Kat Timpf and why is she famous?

Kat Timpf is a political commentator, reporter, author and comedian best known for her work with Fox News Channel. She gained popularity for blending witty libertarian analysis with edgy sarcasm on cable news and social media.

Timpf first drew attention creating viral campus political videos before being hired by Fox News in 2013. She regularly appears on the network’s late night panel show The Greg Gutfeld Show and other programs.

Outside Fox, Timpf hosts a podcast, writes weekly columns, and has authored books analyzing issues like policing and political correctness. Known for bold takes, she has sparked criticism from both liberals and conservatives during her rise to prominence.

What is Kat Timpf’s background and early career?

Kat Timpf was born in 1988 and grew up in Michigan. She developed an interest in news and politics from a young age. Timpf attended Hillsdale College studying English and Philosophy while writing for the student newspaper.

After college, Timpf moved to Washington D.C. pursuing a full-time commentary career. Her first major media job was as a digital editor for The Washington Times. In 2012, she began producing viral videos about campus politics for the Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org site. This built up her popularity on social media.

How did Kat Timpf get famous from Fox News?

In 2013, Fox News Channel hired Kat Timpf as an on-air contributor offering libertarian-leaning commentary. She soon earned regular appearances across Fox’s political talk shows and debate panels.

Timpf’s edgy, deadpan humor on culture and politics made her a hit with viewers. She joined Fox’s late show The Greg Gutfeld Show in 2017 gaining more airtime to showcase her personality. Timpf also hosts Fox segments like “One More Thing” riffing on weird news to go viral online.

As one of Fox’s most prominent young voices, Timpf connects with conservative audiences. Critics say she sometimes uses excessive language or pushes dangerous narratives. Regardless, her fame continues to grow.

What other media platforms is Kat Timpf involved?

Beyond Fox News, Kat Timpf pursues several other media ventures:

  • Weekly opinion columns published by Creators Syndicate
  • Authored two political books on policing and woke culture
  • Hosts a podcast called Timpf Talk offering commentary
  • Runs a YouTube channel with video versions of her commentary

This expansive media mix allows Kat to reach wider conservative audiences with her libertarian analysis and humor. She has built one of media’s most powerful brands.

What controversies has Kat Timpf sparked?

While beloved by many Fox News fans, Kat Timpf’s unfiltered libertarian takes often land her in controversy:

  • In 2019, Timpf sparked outrage on social media for joking about her lack of sympathy for cultural sites damaged in wars. She later apologized.
  • Timpf argues COVID-19 public health measures are an overreaction. Medical experts have called her pandemic commentary dangerous misinformation.
  • She has received criticism that her rhetoric and humor can sometimes come across as needlessly cruel toward those she politically disagrees with.

Timpf’s refusal to be restrained by partisan or politically correct talking points means she draws frequent backlash from both sides of the political spectrum.

What is Kat Timpf’s personal life?

Kat Timpf keeps her personal life very private and secretive with few details known publicly:

  • There were rumors in 2021 that she secretly married her long-term boyfriend but that has not been officially confirmed
  • It’s believed she splits her time living in both New York City for work and the Washington D.C. suburbs where she owns a home
  • Timpf enjoys volunteering with animal rescue groups and fostering injured cats/dogs
  • She has been open about past struggles with anorexia while in college

While very transparent politically, Timpf shares little about her family, relationships or life outside media. She remains intensely focused on her broadcasting career.

What is Kat Timpf’s legacy and impact?

At just 34 years old, Kat Timpf has already established herself as one of conservative media’s most influential rising voices:

  • She connects with younger audiences through her use of logic, humor and self-deprecation rather than just partisan talking points
  • Timpf provides an influential female perspective in a male-dominated field
  • Her expansive media presence across TV, digital and print allows Timpf to shape wider right-leaning political narratives

Critics argue some of Timpf’s adversarial rhetoric and stances reinforce dangerous false narratives. But with decades left in her media career, her legacy continues to evolve and grow.

Kat Timpf’s Career Timeline

1988Born in Detroit, Michigan
2010Graduates from Hillsdale College with English and Philosophy degrees
2011Hired as digital editor for The Washington Times
2012Begins producing viral videos for Leadership Institute’s CampusReform.org
2013Starts appearing as a contributor on Fox News Channel
2017Joins Fox late-night show The Greg Gutfeld Show as a regular panelist
2019Sparks backlash for comments about cultural site bombings
2020Publishes first book The Social Distancing of the Warrior Cop
2021Launches Timpf Talk podcast and YouTube channel
2022Publishes second book Sick of Woke

What college did Kat Timpf attend?

Kat Timpf attended Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan where she studied English and Philosophy and wrote for the student run campus newspaper. This built her initial interest in political commentary and print journalism before pursuing a full-time media career after graduating in 2010.

How can I find Kat Timpf’s commentary outside Fox News?

Beyond her appearances on Fox, you can find Kat Timpf’s written columns, podcasts, Youtube videos and books to see more examples of her libertarian analysis blended with humor:

  • Timpf Talk Podcast
  • Videos on personal YouTube channel
  • Weekly columns via Creators Syndicate
  • Authored two political satire books

Consuming Timpf’s various media projects allows audiences to fully appreciate the range of her emerging broadcasting talents beyond just what Fox includes in their programming.


In summary, Kat Timpf has rapidly risen from a college newspaper writer to one of conservative media’s most prominent voices under age 35. Her blend of logic, humor, and principled stances connects with younger audiences seeking fresh perspectives beyond partisan talking heads.

While Timpf’s critics contend some arguments reinforce untrue narratives or needless cruelty, her influence across television, radio, print and digital continues to expand. Having just turned 35, expect Timpf’s media analysis and comedic commentary to shape right-leaning political conversations for decades to come across an array of formats.

FAQs About Kat Timpf

What is Kat Timpf’s net worth?

Estimates place Kat Timpf’s current individual net worth somewhere between $3-$4 million. Her income comes from her Fox News salary, paid columns/podcasts, book deals, and speaking fees. As one of conservative media’s fastest rising young voices, Timpf’s earnings will likely continue growing.

Is Kat Timpf married?

While there were rumors in 2021 that Kat Timpf secretly married her long-term boyfriend, she has not publicly confirmed being married. Timpf is intensely private about her romantic relationships and family life outside of her prolific media career.

How old is Kat Timpf?

Kat Timpf was born on October 29, 1988. As of 2023, she is 34 years old while quickly approaching 35. Having started her media career in her early 20s, Timpf has already built an impressive broadcasting resume before age 40.

What is Kat Timpf’s height?

Various reports estimate Kat Timpf’s height to be around 5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters) tall with a slim build. Her height helps her standout on Fox News panels often surrounded by taller male commentators.

Is Kat Timpf libertarian or conservative?

While firmly on the right, Kat Timpf identifies most closely with libertarian political beliefs stressing individual rights and limited government. Her ideology leads to a mix of traditional conservative and more anti-establishment takes on current issues that run counter to partisan narratives.