A Step-By-Step Approach to Writing Your Project Management Dissertation

Projects are how things get to be done. Almost all businesses rely on project management to acheive their goals. It helps plan, organise, manage and implement the project goal. Considering the dire necessity of every project, learning and making findings in project management will be helpful. This is where writing a project management dissertation will come into play. 

The utmost importance of the subject is undeniable. Day by day, innovations are introduced that help make our project goals much easier to accomplish. According to Grand View Research, in 2022, the project management software development market was valued at USD 6.59 billion. It is expected to grow at an annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.7% by 2030. 

Such a large share can’t be done without any prominent cause. It highlights the importance of coursework. Resultantly, more students enrol in the subject to make valuable findings. 

The valuable literature contributions by students are meant to be delivered to the world by dissertation writing. It must be written precisely so that any gap may not appear due to writing errors. If you feel that you are not an expert in writing dissertations and can fall for flaws, consider getting dissertation writing help from expert writers. 

What Is Project Management?

Project management is the application process to achieve the specific goals of the project. According to the Project Management Institute, a project is a set of activities that must be handled effectively for risk management to achieve the desired results. 

Every project must go through a life cycle before reaching the outcome. The project managers are responsible for driving the whole life cycle process of project management. 

Lending software automates and streamlines the lending process for financial institutions and online lenders. It includes features for origination, underwriting, and management. Leveraging data analytics, it assesses borrower creditworthiness, sets interest rates, and ensures compliance. This centralized solution enhances efficiency, accelerates decision-making, and contributes to a more agile lending environment.

How to Write Your Project Management Dissertation with Excellence? 

Do you want to know how to write a project management dissertation? Dissertation is the crucial part of your degree. It’s just like a gate of excellence towards accomplishing your degree. Writing a dissertation can be challenging. 

However, the process can be rewarding if done with proper consideration. Below is the step-by-step project management dissertation writing guide you can follow to achieve excellence. 

  1. Title Page

When making the title page, ensure it is the same on the Declaration of Committee page, Approval & Degree recommendation form, and results. Don’t use a double quotation mark around the title of the dissertation on project management. Also, don’t put any period at the end. 

  1. Abstract

The abstract of the project management dissertation is the summary of your whole context. It reports the aims and outcomes of your research. However, its structure can vary from institution to institution. A typical abstract must cover the aspects like, 

  • The purpose of your work
  • The methodology you used 
  • The conclusion you have drawn about your project management dissertation ideas

You can structure it independently or consider project management dissertation help for expert assistance. 

  1. Table of Content 

The table contains all the headings, subheadings, supplementary pages and preliminary headings. For instance, a typical table of contents follows the format, 

  • Double-spaced with 10-inch margins 
  • The title is placed at the centre, and bold 
  • Provide up to three levels of headings
  • Place dotted lines between headings and page number 
  1. Introduction 

An introduction to the dissertation provides a preliminary background of the research topic. It clears the focus of your study by specifying research aims and objectives. Some students may also add their project management dissertation questions in the introduction to clarify where the research work is heading. 

Generally, there is no specific length for your dissertation introduction. However, it should be 5-7% of your whole write-up. 

  1. Literature Review 

A literature review critically assesses the resources you gathered for your dissertation writing. All of these sources are analysed critically to highlight the study gap. Simply put, you will summarise the previous literature without making a new contribution. 

For instance, consider the following points when writing your dissertation literature review: 

  • Make use of sample project management dissertation examples for literature review. 
  • Identify resources 
  • Read your resources
  • Keep the topic as narrow as possible 
  • Think about its basic structure 
  1. Methodology 

The methodology chapter describes the approaches you use for your research work. It takes into consideration the limitations and ethical implementations of your work.  According to the University of Westminister, for writing your dissertation methodology, you require, 

  • Description of your methods 
  • Highlights a connection between your hypothesis and the way you are drawn towards your conclusion 
  • Describe the strengths and weaknesses of your work 
  1. Results 

Typically, results are the fourth chapter of your project management dissertation that presents the findings logically and impartially. As a researcher, you must conclude your interpretation and discuss its implementation.

Whether your dissertation was qualitative or quantitative, typically, the result section consists of, 

  • Reiterates the purpose of the research
  • Present research findings 
  • Summarise findings 
  • Set a stage for the next chapter, discussion 

It’s quite easy to implement the given instructions for writing results. However, you can also buy project management dissertation online for getting it done by experts. 

  1. Discussion 

The discussion chapter can be written in three parts, 

  • Introductory section 
  • Intermediate paragraphs 
  • Conclusion 

This chapter contradicts the results. In the results, you merely describe the qualitative or quantitative findings. In the discussion chapter, you elaborate on the findings, their significance and how to implement your results.  

  1. Conclusion 

Summarise and synthesise your main findings of the project management dissertation rather than simply repeating what you have already discussed in the results and discussion chapter. You can discuss the main points to highlight the central argument. However, respond to the main research question you addressed in your thesis. 

  1.  References 

Referencing is meant to back up the arguments in the thesis with some reliable sources. The Victoria University presents a basic template for referencing in the dissertations. 

The initials follow the author’s name. 

  • Write the year of publication in brackets 
  • Write the title in italics 
  • Level of thesis 
  • University Name
  • Database
  • URL
  • Every line is indented 5-7 spaces.

For instance, according to Sage Journals, a referencing template for project management dissertations can be given as, 

Charvat J. (2003). Project management methodologies: Selecting, implementing and supporting methodologies and processes for projects. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

Project Management Dissertation Topics 2024

Are you looking for some of the top project management dissertation writing topics? Here is the list of topics on the dissertation for project management students that must be considered:

  • Optimising Change Management Strategies for Wearable Technology
  • Examining the Integration of Technology and Tools in Risk-Adjusted Financial
  • Critically Examining the Reliability of Construction Projects on Project
  • Analysing the Impact of Evolutionary Management Strategies in Shaping
  • To Investigate the Role of Building Information Modeling (BIM) in Project


Dissertation writing is a crucial element of your degree. The more you perform here, the more you will likely complete your degree with good grades. Most students are good at performing research activities and being critical in their project management course, but when it comes to writing, they fall apart due to a lack of expertise. 

The above-mentioned guide and project management dissertation tips are helpful for students who want to write with excellence. The process is relatively easy, you just need to be in contact with your supervisor and stick to the basic vital steps. 

However, even after trying hard, if you still can’t figure out how to write effectively, you should consider dissertation writing services. This way, you can have peace of mind that rejection will not afflict you, at least not due to writing errors.