Summer Beach Vacations Should Be About Fun and Fresh Air!

Everyone knows the impact of air pollution on health. Studies have also shown it is hazardous. Some link it with heart attacks also. Because polluted air has become a growing concern, it is better to focus on locations that offer clean air for your lungs. You would want to prioritize this, among other factors, if you have older people and kids. The best way to understand any area’s air quality is to follow its AQI or air quality Index. Based on different pollutant levels, the authorities assign a specific AQI score to a place to indicate how safe, unhealthy, or risky the air quality is. Suppose you want to visit Mississippi, home to beachfront or riverfront cities.

People travel to this part of the U.S. to bask in the beauty of sandy coves and blue waves. The beach towns also offer exciting recreational opportunities like fishing and boating. When you pick a specific beach hotspot here, check its AQI level before deciding anything. For example, Gulfport Beach scores 31, Pascagoula 32, Biloxi Beach 34, and Pass Christian 33, per . Hence, these can be a few coveted options. Since these fall in the green zone or safe range of 0-50, you can make any of them a part of your itinerary hassle-free. Let’s explore what else makes them a good choice.

Biloxi Beach

On the Gulf Coast, Biloxi entertains its visitors with pristine views of white sand. The beaches in the city are beautifully maintained despite being ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in the past. The islands on the beaches act as a protective barrier allowing people to enjoy calm waters. Agencies ensure beach water is always clean and safe for visitors. You can easily rent chairs, umbrellas, and other amenities on Biloxi Beach. It may not be a pet-friendly beach, though. Nevertheless, this coastal sanctuary offers a mix of activities and serene backdrops.

Gulfport Beach

It extends from Biloxi to Long Beach, giving visitors plenty of relaxing opportunities. Like any other beachgoer, you can take strolls by the coastline, sunbathe on the sandy bed, fly kites, and catch waves. Parking space is adequate. So you can be worry-free in this area as well. Those who want volleyballs, jet skis, chairs, and umbrellas can look for rental services. Bars, cafes, and eateries are also nearby. Whether it’s a family or solo trip, Gulfport Beach’s clean parks and white sand treat everyone well. While pure air is undoubtedly a huge plus, you will also enjoy debris-free surroundings here. Water temperature levels are also comfortable. This beach is only 10 miles from Biloxi. 

People often ignore Mississippi to focus on Louisiana, Texas, and Florida, the more common beach locations with fresh air. But you can choose this smaller coastline over others to enjoy the sunshine and much more. The underrated beaches offer you some of the most tasteful seaside experiences. You can feel safe and healthy here and make memories for a lifetime in a short span. Remember to carry sunscreen as the sun shines bright in this coastal area. Food and drinks will be easily accessible. Still, you can pack some snacks if you wish.