The Edgar Haircut

The Edgar haircut is a trendy short men’s style featuring textured crop top hair with short sides. This urban sophisticated look is low maintenance yet high style.

This men’s hairstyle has become a popular request. The Edgar cut suits straight and wavy hair textures, creating flowing texture and movement up top. Guys are loving it for the stylish yet easy-going vibe. Read on for how to style Edgar haircut, what face shapes it flatters, and more.

  1. How To Style The Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut features shorter hair on the sides and back blended into textured length left on top. Hair on top is styled with natural flow, often featuring an off-center part. This cut has an urban, casual coolness.

To style the Edgar, have your barber cut the sides and back shorter with clippers. Blend this up to approximately 2 inches left on top. Layers cut into the top hair encourage bend and movement. 

  1. Works Best With Straight And Wavy Hair

The Edgar haircut flatters straight and wavy hair textures best. The length left on top allows natural texture and bend to show through, encouraged by layered cutting. Straight hair cooperates reasonably with the side-swept styling.

Wavy hair gets controlled style and flow from an Edgar cut. The layers lend movement while allowing you to train waves and cowlicks in the preferred stylistic direction. This fun haircut benefits from natural texture.

  1. Great For Oval And Rectangle Face Shapes

An Edgar crop top hairstyle complements oval and rectangular face shapes nicely. The side-swept fringe helps soften square jaws and foreheads on rectangle faces. Oval faces suit the balanced proportions of an Edgar cut.

The textured length on top flatters these face shapes by drawing attention upwards with flow and height. Keep the fringe slightly messy to soften facial angles. Avoid ultra-short sides that can overly accentuate long face shapes.

  1. Requires Low Maintenance

One of the appeals of the Edgar cut for guys is its relatively low maintenance needs. The shorter sides and back can go 4-6 weeks between cuts. Routine maintenance keeps this style neat. 

Meanwhile, the textured length left on top remains low maintenance. Towel dry hair post-shower and work in some styling cream. Either air-dry hair or use a blow dryer with a diffuser attachment to encourage natural texture and flow. Then, simply finger style into place.

  1. Makes A Casual Style Statement

This adaptable men’s hairstyle creates an approachable look that’s neither overly stuffy nor high maintenance. 

It works as well with a blazer as it does with a T-shirt and jeans. The natural texture keeps the vibe laid back. This haircut makes it clear you stay stylish without trying too hard. 

  1. Works For Boys And Men

Another advantage of the Edgar crop is that it transitions seamlessly from boy to man. This cut suits boys, teens, young men, and professionals.

The edgy yet neat Edgar cut flatters boys and teens. Parents approve of the polished look of the school. Yet the spiky texture provides sufficient edge. 

Young men and professionals also appreciate urban sophistication. This cut suits work and play. 

  1. Allows Customization

Guys appreciate the versatility of the Edgar cut. It retains enough length up top to customize styling. Fringe can sweep across the forehead dramatically or be styled more neatly. 

Spiky texture created with pomades or waxes pumped the edgy attitude when desired. 

Customize the part placement from the dramatic side to the subtle middle. Let your mood and plans dictate how messy, spiky, or polished you style your Edgar cut.

  1. Add A Hard Part For More Edge

Take your Edgar cut to the next level by having your barber cut a hard part into the side. This shaves a visible line into the hair part, creating a stark definition.

Adding a hard side part plays up the edgy angle of this cropped textured cut. It makes the sweeping fringe more dramatic. Keep the hard part crisp with routine trims.

  1. Growing Out The Edgar Cut

The Edgar hairstyle allows flexibility as it grows out, too. The length on top can be maintained as is. Let the sides and back grow out naturally into a more blended look.

To retain the textured crop top effect, get a trim every 4-6 weeks. This keeps the proportions looking fresh.  

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