The Future of Contactless Delivery in Courier and Parcel Services

The term Contactless Delivery has been gaining a lot of attention, especially since lockdown and the development of new technologies. But do you know what it actually means and what its future is, especially when it comes to the courier and package delivery service industry? From food delivery to parcels and couriers, people continue to use no-contact delivery often, especially after the pandemic. Contactless delivery is a great method to receive your parcels without leaving your homes or workspaces. And the best part? It’s safer and smoother than traditional ways of package delivery! 

So shall we look at what Contactless Delivery actually means, and what its future is? Let’s have a look!

How Does Contactless Delivery Work?

Contactless Delivery or No-Contact Delivery refers to the delivery of goods from the location of distribution to the customers without any physical contact between the delivery drivers and the customers who receive the packages. In this method, the customer is notified about the delivery of their packages through a text, call or an email. 

This delivery method is actually very simple. If a customer opts for this delivery method, the delivery person will leave the customer’s package outside the customer’s door. The whole process, which is informing the customer about the delivery and getting the proof of the delivery, will take place without any direct contact. Once the order is confirmed by the seller, the delivery team will make sure to follow the rules of social distancing. Customers will get continuous updates about the delivery. When the package arrives, the payment is to be made online and not by cash. However, most of these orders are usually prepaid.

For example, if you have ordered a delivery of something, say groceries online, you use the shipping rate calculator to calculate the payable amount, make the payment, and choose this option of delivery, you will be able to track your order on the phone. When the delivery driver arrives with the groceries, the delivery person will leave them outside your door to maintain contactless delivery.

Advantages of No-Contact Delivery

Some of the benefits of this delivery method are:

  • Health and Safety Benefits 

This delivery method focuses on health and safety. It reduces contact with others and adds more safety measures to the process. Getting a parcel is now easy because of this method, as social distancing is followed in warehouses and homes. 

  • Online Payments

This method of delivery goes well with contactless payments. Because most of the purchases are made online using apps that are trusted and safe, online payments provide a secure and trackable way for businesses to receive money. This also lessens the need for cash transactions.  

  • Leading to Customer Trust

Earning the trust of the customers is important for any business. By taking care of safety, when businesses show their capability to maintain these standards, delivery businesses can form a loyal customer base who trusts the company and their methods of delivery. 

  • Reliable Delivery Technology 

The advancement of technology enhances contactless delivery. Businesses use tracking devices, SMS updates and accurate delivery times to make the delivery process more trackable. 

Key Technologies for Contactless Delivery

Some of the technologies used in contactless delivery include: 

  1. GPS Tracking

This allows customers and businesses to track the location of their parcels in real-time, providing them with timely and accurate updates.

  1. Mobile Apps

This allows customers to place orders from apps, track deliveries, and communicate with delivery drivers. This also provides digital payments and notifications.

  1. Digital Payment Systems

This allows for safe and contactless transactions through credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and payment apps like Google Pay and more.

  1. Automatic Notifications

This allows customers to get SMS and email updates informing them about the status of their delivery.

  1. Drones for Delivery

Drones are used in some countries to deliver parcels directly to the location of the customer without human contact.

Future Outlook

Looking at the future scenario of the next decade or so, one could very well imagine a new face to parcel delivery. With these advanced technologies, deliveries will be faster and more secure. We have the technology of new drones and robots assisting delivery, and smart lockers, which would ensure the safety of our parcels. Finally, contactless delivery will become a standard for delivering and receive goods, benefiting all of us. So, be it the courier service in Kochi or in Mumbai, the use of Contactless Deliveries is bound to expand in the delivery industry.