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Top 5 AI Video Dubbing Tools Online in 2023

Artificial Intelligence is becoming more trending in the Media and Entertainment Industry, especially with ai dubbing for audio and video. Certain Voices have similarities. Be it the trademark Joker’s voice of Mark Hamill in the Marvel animated movie, Batman. The Killing Joker or the cranky robotic voice of Alan Tudky in the famous movie Star War.

These voices are human and if you think they cannot be reproduced then AI-enabled tools are just evolving. Whether you’re a Video content creator, marketer, educator, or a passionate storyteller, AI voiceover’s emergence as a creative tool marks an exhilarating advancement.

Explore some of the best AI Tools for AI video dubbing platforms. Whether you’re a professional editor, podcaster, or tutor who is looking for tools to dub in many foreign languages these are for you to take up a notch. But First let us know, What is AI video dubbing? 

What is AI Video Dubbing?

AI video dubbing is a technology that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and generative AI algorithms to perform voice-over or dubbing tasks. There are three types of Dubbing, they are  Lip-synced, Time-synced dubbing, and wild dubbing. 

Unlike lip-synced and time-synced dubbing which are mostly used by many AI dubbing Tools. Non-synced dubbing differentiates itself by not being linked to time restraints. Because keeping the translated dialogue representative of the original language is important, dubbing in the target language can run longer or shorter. 

Top 5 AI Video Dubbing Tools Online in 2023

  1. Wavel AI 

Wavel AI is a text to speech ai voice solutions online tools which majorly focuses on ai video and audio dubbing in 30+Languages in 250+ AI Male and Female Voices. To set up with their studio, you need to

Sign Up with Wavel by syncing with your google mail account. You will instantly be directed to the Dashboard where you will get 15+ credits to give a trial with your video. 

On the Top head, you should add a video of your choice under Dub/Translate a Video. You will be directed to the second step where you can drag or drop or Browse your video or attach a link from youtube directly. 

In their studio, Trial videos should be under 100 mb. After uploading a video, they will trim it to a 2-minute short clip. And, For longer generations, opt for paid subscription

You can select the language of your original video and then select the dubbing language from the drop down menu, the gender of your choice i.e either Male or Female.

Once your file has been submitted, you will be directed to either Go to Dashboard or Browse 

Voice Library or You can wait here or come back later, we will notify you by email as soon as file is ready. It takes half of the video length.  You can also add Background Score to your final video. 

During the time your video is processed you can explore the other sections of the studio like Browse Voice Library.

Main Features

  • Offers Voices in 11+ Use Cases General to Advertisements, Audiobooks, Documentaries, E- Learning, Explainer Videos, Podcast, Product Demos, Spotify Ads, Video Narration, Voice Assistant. 
  • More than 30+ Languages
  • 250+ AI Voices – Male and Female 
  • Free 15 Credits for Trial 
  • Provided Tutorial Videos for easy learning
  • Customization Options can Lip Sync and give Time – Stamped Options 
  • Add Background Music 
  • Download Transcripts  in 12+ Formats 
  • Integrations in 12+ Platforms – Can Paste link from Youtube Directly
  • 2 Mins Limit on Video Length
  • 90% Accuracy and perfect for experts and beginners

Verdict – With so many features on board, Wavel AI provides an easy user interface and many options for the budding content creators. 

 Pricing – From Free Trials to Affordable Options, you can choose according to your needs. Starts from 16$ per month. 

  1. Elai IO

 The platform offers a variety of awesome avatars that you can choose from to customize your project as it best suits your needs.

 Main Features 

  • Easy and fast to use 
  • Uses Neural Networks and accuracy level is high

Verdict – Their Technology replaces traditional dubbing Techniques with real time AI- enabled audiobooks.

Pricing – Expensive for common users. 

  1. DubDub AI 

The dubbing form is a great way to quickly generate content along the lines of what customers want to see, making the user interface easy and smooth to use.

Main Features

  • Available in Different languages
  • Good for Customer Acquisition 

Verdict – Dubdub AI also makes producing excellent ads a breeze, as its AI understands market trends and creates ads to reflect them. 

Pricing – Not Known – Check their Website

  1. Dubverse 

Dubverse provides a diverse choice of voice options for all ages, styles, and genders, providing high-quality sound across the board.

Main Features

  • Easy To Use
  • Good Voice Actors 

Verdict – Furthermore, its integrated blacklisting and whitelisting capabilities make translation easier.

Pricing – Not Known – Check their Website

  1. Hei IO is an amazing AI dubbing tool! This powerful technology is ideal for anyone wishing to add AI-powered captions, subtitles, and translations to their material in several languages.

Main Features

  • Great for Beginners 
  • Can be used to Generate Captions & Subtitles

Verdict – Because of the real-time translations, you simply need an internet connection no matter where you work – it couldn’t be easier.

Pricing – Not Known – Check their Website


AI dubbing has transformed the media and entertainment industries by making it easier to create correct translations with voiceover apps. When compared to traditional dubbing processes, it provides more accuracy, efficiency, and convenience. However, its capabilities are still limited, therefore it’s critical to weigh both options while selecting which is best for your project.

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