Wedding Announcements: Everything You Need to Know

You’ve married, and you want everyone to know, especially those who couldn’t make it to the ceremony. A wedding announcement allows people who didn’t receive an invitation to the wedding to share in your joy—more personal than a normal newspaper announcement, and it’s more sophisticated than simply updating your Facebook status.

Don’t put off making a personalized announcement until after the wedding; do it now, while you’re still planning the event, so you can send it out on time and worry about it afterwards, when you’d rather be enjoying your newlywed days. Here’s all you need to know about using a personal touch to reach the right people at the right time.


To send out in advance of your wedding, you can choose from a range of wedding announcement cards, including Printed engagement announcement cards have fallen out of favor in the digital era, but they remain a pleasant touch for couples who want to publicly announce their impending wedding.

Wedding Announcements – 

Wedding announcements provide details about a recently held or upcoming wedding.

Elopement Announcements – An elopement announcement announces that you’re marrying without the bother of a typical ceremony. These are usually sent out within 30 days after your wedding.

What is the name of the person who makes the announcement?

Whether you or your parents send out your wedding announcement is entirely up to you. If the invitation was framed in such a way that your parents invited the guests, it’s perfectly acceptable for your parents to make the announcement. 

Some parents may want to send out the announcements themselves if the majority of them are going to their friends or coworkers. Of course, since this is such huge news, you should immediately inform your friends, family, and coworkers. 

Your personal announcement and generosity will move others who were not invited or who were unable to attend the wedding (particularly if they have or are expecting a child).

When should our wedding invites be sent out?

The majority of papers require submission three to six weeks before your wedding day, with the first printing occurring after your wedding. If the local newspaper prints wedding announcements on Sundays, for example, a Saturday wedding should be published the following day.

If you married during the week, your announcement may be printed a few days after you formally tie the knot.

What Should Your Public Service Announcement Contain?

The most important thing to remember when framing your announcement is to make it clear that the event has already occurred. Because announcements might occasionally look to be invitations, you’ll want to make sure the recipients aren’t misled!

 “We Tied the Knot!” and “Introducing the Newlyweds!” are a few common ways to begin a marriage announcement. Include your names (and, if they’ve changed, note it!) as well as the ceremony’s date and location.

 If the photo you’ve picked is from a unique event that the receiver may not be aware of, you can even include a note.

What kind of appearance should they have?

You have two alternatives when it comes to mailing wedding invites to relatives and friends. If you’re mailing a large number of announcements, consider a printed option from a stationary store. 

You can choose a design that coordinates with the rest of your wedding’s paper goods or something a little more celebratory and exciting. If your audience is more formal, the design could be a postcard or a card in an envelope.

Who will be the lucky recipient of one?

Wedding declarations are frequently issued to anyone who was not invited to the wedding but is interested in learning more about your relationship. This could include uninvited family (such as a grandma who is unable to travel and hence unable to attend), business associates, or friends. 

Notifications should be sent to friends only if your wedding was extremely small, prohibiting you from inviting a huge number.