2 Line Urdu Poetry Copy Paste – Two Line Urdu Shayari With Images

The celebration of Urdu poetry as an expressive medium for a spectrum of emotions is widely acknowledged. Among its diverse forms, the two-line Urdu poetry has emerged as the most cherished and prevalent style, offering a concise and impactful means of conveying thoughts through language.

Our team has thoughtfully curated the finest two-line Urdu Shayari from globally acclaimed poets and paired them with captivating imagery. These poetic verses are easily transferable across different platforms, and their accompanying visuals boast exceptional quality, making them perfect for sharing on social media and WhatsApp statuses.

We consistently share various Urdu poetry formats, including two lines, four lines, Ghazals, and one-liners, to cater to the diverse preferences of our readers. We invite you to explore our collection below and share your thoughts with us.

Presented here is a compilation of the finest two-line Urdu poetry that can be easily copied and pasted, covering a variety of renowned subjects. Choose your preferred theme and effortlessly incorporate your favorite verses wherever needed. The concise nature of these couplets provides an eloquent way to express sentiments and sensations while maintaining brevity.

This collection of verses radiates profound wisdom and depth, making it a compelling choice for those who appreciate Shayari. The poetry is available in both Roman and Urdu fonts, catering to a wider audience. Additionally, a selection of images is included for download, perfect for use as status updates on WhatsApp or Facebook, featuring two-line Urdu poetry. I hope you thoroughly enjoy this offering.

Dil na-ummeed toh nahi nakam hi toh hai

Translation: Absence of hope doesn’t mean failure;

it signifies the presence of a challenge.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Aur Kiya Daikhny Ko Baqi Hai?

Translation: What else is there left to see?

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Jaan Laiwa Thi Khahshain Warna

Translation: Life was desirable because waiting for union was worthwhile.

Jaun Elia

Main Hon Dil Ha Tanhai Ha

Translation: I am the heart, solitude is its companion.

Firaq Gorakhpuri

Ik Tarz e Taghaful Ha So Unko Mubarak

Translation: Their indifference is a style, so let’s congratulate them.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz

Arz e Ahwal Ko Gila Samjhay

Translation: I interpreted the state of affairs as a complaint; what I said, did you understand?

Daagh Dehlvi

Husn Ko Sharmsar Karna Hi

Translation: Making beauty shy is the revenge of love.

Israr-ul-Haq Majaz

Tumhari Yaad Main Jeeny Ki Arzoo Ha Abhi

Translation: The desire to live in your memory still exists.

Jaun Elia

Tujh Say Kis Tarha Main Izhar e Tamana Karta?

Translation: How could I express my desire to you? When I understood, meanings had revolted.

Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi

Khamoshi Say Ada Ho Rasm e Doori

Translation: Let the tradition of distance be maintained with silence. Why should we create a commotion?

Jaun Elia

Dil Pay Aye Howy Ilzam Say Pehchanty Hain

Translation: Recognizing accusations settled on the heart.

Qateel Shifai

Na Umeedi Barh Gai Ha Iss Qadar

Translation: Despair has increased to such an extent that it longs for hope.

Daagh Dehlvi

Aaye toh yun ki jaise humesha the mehrban

Translation: When you come, it feels like you were always kind.


Attitude poetry in Urdu 2 lines text

Here are some 2-line Urdu poetry pieces reflecting attitude that you can easily copy and paste to express yourself on any platform of your choice:

  1. Mere narm lehje k qabil nahi
    Translation: My soft tone is not worthy; these are rugged people.
  2. Thora momin hoon, thora munafiq hoon
    Translation: I am somewhat faithful, somewhat hypocritical; I adjust according to circumstances.
  3. Log wakif hain meri aadton se
    Translation: People are familiar with my habits; I maintain minimal contact but remain impressive.
  4. shakhon say toot jain wo patty nahi han ham
    Translation: We are not leaves that will break off from branches; tell the storm to stay within its limits.
  5. kal tak tu aashna thy magar aaj ghair ho
    Translation: Until yesterday, you were known, but today you are a stranger; such is my mood, may the future be well.
  6. khushi ki bheek main kis kis say mangta
    Translation: In the alms of joy, whom do I beg from? It’s good that my nature thrives on sorrows.
  7. tujh ko manoon keh apni anna ki baat sunnon
    Translation: Whether I convince you or listen to my own stubbornness, the threads of my decisions are tangled again.
  8. anna parast hoon main toot jaon ga lekin
    Translation: I am self-worshipping; I may break, but I’ll never tell you that you are remembered.
  9. shakh sy jo gir jain hum wo paty nahi
    Translation: We are not leaves that fall with the branch; tell the storms to stay within their limits.
  10. aik dastak pay nahi kholy ga
    Translation: The door won’t open with just one knock; it knows I intend to stand firm.
  11. suljhy huvy zaror hain magar
    Translation: Things are tangled, indeed, but you must avoid getting entangled.

Sad Poetry Urdu 2 lines

Here are the English translations for the provided Urdu 2-line sad poetry:

  1. Apnay Lehjay Pay Goor Kar Kay Bata
    *Translation: Reflect on your tone and tell me, how many words, how many arrows?
  2. Mil Raha Hai ‘ Na Khoo Raha Hai Too
    *Translation: Whether gaining or losing, you are intriguing.
  3. Karnay Hain Agar Shikway Mehboob Se
    *Translation: If complaints are to be made to the beloved, then let go of love, find another pursuit.
  4. Yaadon Kay Paon He Nahin Warna
    *Translation: Memories don’t have feet, otherwise, they would have left footprints.
  5. Salag Raha Hon Kaii Din Se Apnay He Andar Main
    *Translation: I’ve been struggling within myself for days; when I finally speak, it’ll be quite a spectacle.
  6. Jo Batain Pee Gaya Tha Main
    *Translation: The things I had swallowed are now devouring me.
  7. Ab to Khawhish Hai Ye Ke Saza Wo Milay
    *Translation: Now the desire is that I receive that punishment; if I cry, let no one intervene.
  8. Ye Maktab Ka Parha Sab Hi Bhula Deti Hai
    *Translation: The lessons of the school erase everything; life teaches its lessons on its own.
  9. Zindagi Apne Sabaq Khud Hi Sakha Deti Hai
    *Translation: Life itself imparts its own lessons.
  10. Wo ja raha tha magr main keh nahin paya
    *Translation: He was leaving, but I couldn’t say; dear, don’t go, immerse yourself within.
  11. Dilon ke zakham bhi Mohsin kamaal hotay hain
    *Translation: Heart wounds are also the wonders of the benefactor, like glowing in the dark nights.

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Love Poetry in Urdu 2 Lines

Here are the English translations for the provided Urdu 2-line love poetry:

  1. Na jaane kesa rishta hai is dil ka tujh se,
    *Translation: I don’t know what kind of connection this heart has with you, It may forget to beat, but not your name.
  2. Tum se bichar kar zinda hain, Jaan bohot sharminda hai.
    *Translation: Living after parting from you, my soul is deeply embarrassed.
  3. Gham aur khushi mein farq na mehsoos ho jahan,
    *Translation: Where there is no difference between sorrow and joy, I kept bringing my heart to that place.
  4. Main mohabbat jo bilfarz dobara karta,
    *Translation: If it happened again, it would happen with you. I would love again, even if it was obligatory.
  5. Ek tumhein mangne ke baad, Sab kuch tumhare liye manga hai.
    *Translation: After asking for you, everything has been asked for your sake.
  6. Aao tham kar haath ek dusre ka, Jannat tak ka safar karte hain.
    *Translation: Come, let’s hold each other’s hands, and embark on a journey to paradise.
  7. Tamam umar tera intezaar humne kiya, Is intezaar mein kis kis se pyar humne kiya.
    *Translation: We waited for you our whole life; in this wait, we fell in love with whom?
  8. Nigahain usi raah mein jaake theher gayi hain, Jo raah nafis teri gali ko jaata hai.
    *Translation: The eyes have stopped on the path that leads to your street, the one that passes through the charming road.
  9. Ashqi mein bohot zaroori hai, Bewafai kabhi kabhi karna.
    *Translation: In love, it is necessary sometimes to be unfaithful.
  10. Us nikab mein chhupa liya hai tumne chehra apna, Ji chahta hai, ye nikab hi jala daloon.
    *Translation: You’ve hidden your face behind that veil, I want to burn this veil right now.