Amazon ERC Number | How Do I Contact Amazon HR?

The Amazon ERC (Employment Resource Center) acts as a liaison between Amazon employees and the company’s HR department, offering assistance with work-related inquiries and concerns. It operates across 48 countries in 15 languages, with nine locations globally, accessible via mail, phone, or chat. If you are an Amazon employee looking to contact the HR department, you’ll need the Amazon ERC phone number. Let’s delve into how you can reach the Amazon HR department using the Amazon ERC phone number.

Amazon ERC Number

To get in touch with Amazon’s HR department, you can use the Amazon ERC phone number. If you face any problems as an Amazon employee, you can contact them through the Amazon HR phone number: 00 1 206-922-0880.

Function Of Amazon ERC Department

The main function of the Amazon ERC Department is to offer assistance to the HR department. They can be reached for inquiries related to work shifts, work assignments, payroll, and other relevant matters. Here are some key responsibilities of the Amazon ERC Department:

  1. Support HR Team: The Amazon ERC Department works closely with the HR team to provide assistance to employees.
  2. Work Guidance: They offer guidance to employees regarding their assigned tasks and responsibilities.
  3. Employee Assistance: The team at the Amazon ERC Department is highly trained to help employees with any problems they may encounter.

Ways To Contact HR Department

There are several methods to contact the Amazon HR department for inquiries or assistance. Here are some available options:

  1. Amazon ERC Number: You can reach out to the Amazon HR department by calling the provided Amazon ERC number.
  2. LinkedIn: Connect with someone who has a mutual LinkedIn account with the HR department.
  3. Email: Contact them through their email address at [email protected].
  4. On-Campus: For a more direct approach, you can contact the HR department directly on the campus.

Work Time Of Amazon ERC Number

The ERC number operates during specific hours and is not available 24/7. The working hours for the number are from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days. A dedicated team of approximately 3000 employees is available to address employee queries. For optimal service, it is recommended to call the number between 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Final Words

Here is the process to contact the HR department using the Amazon ERC phone number. By following the above guide, you can reach out to the HR department and have your query resolved.