Bondi Rescue Star And Surfer Clint Kimmins Jail Nightmare For Glassing A Man, Gold Coast

Clint Kimmins, former Bondi Rescue star, reflects on his tumultuous experiences behind bars after being imprisoned at the age of 22 for defending himself in a clash with a drug dealer. Despite a promising start as a junior surfer on the Gold Coast, Kimmins faced a challenging upbringing marked by alcoholism and abuse, leading him to drop out of school in the tenth year. His dreams of joining the World Surfing League were shattered during a scuffle in 2004, resulting in his conviction for unlawful wounding and an eighteen-month sentence in a maximum-security prison, with six months non-parole.

In a recent interview on the ‘good humans’ podcast, Kimmins vividly described the harsh conditions of his initial week in a holding cell, highlighting the darkness and remnants of blood on the walls. Upon transfer to the maximum-security facility, he underwent assessments, received cautionary advice from a fellow inmate, and grappled with adapting to the prison environment.

Despite the challenges, Kimmins utilized his time constructively, engaging in physical exercise and immersing himself in books. Developing a passion for triathlons, he participated in international competitions post-release. After his prison stint, Kimmins faced apprehension but overcame it, securing roles in Iron Man competitions and finding success in surfing events. He even made a notable appearance on Bondi Rescue before his departure due to Covid-related regulations.

Back on the Gold Coast, Kimmins continues to compete in various sports, embodying resilience in the face of adversity.