How to Hide Contacts on Android?

Concealing contacts on an Android device involves keeping specific contacts confidential by excluding them from your contact list. These contacts won’t appear in your phonebook or any other contact-related applications on your device. This can be crucial for preserving privacy or other purposes, such as preventing unintentional calls or texts to specific individuals.

In terms of privacy, there may be contacts you prefer to keep confidential, such as a therapist or doctor. Additionally, you might have saved contact information for someone you no longer wish to communicate with. By concealing these contacts, you can safeguard your personal information.

Hiding contacts also serves as a practical solution for decluttering your contact list. Your phonebook might contain numerous contacts, including those seldom or never used. By hiding such contacts, you can streamline your list and facilitate quicker access to the individuals you need to contact.

In summary, hiding contacts on an Android device offers a way to enhance privacy, simplify your contact list, and exercise greater control over your personal information and communication preferences.

Can we Hide Contacts on Android?

Certainly, you can hide contacts on an Android device, and the process may vary depending on the Android version and manufacturer. Here are general steps that should work on most Android devices:

  1. Create a Separate Group:
    • Open the Contacts app.
    • Select the contact you want to hide.
    • Tap the menu button (usually three vertical dots).
    • Choose the “Move to another account” or “Copy to…” option.
    • Create a new group with a recognizable name (e.g., “Hidden Contacts” or “Private Contacts”) and move the contact to that group.
    • To view the contact, go to the Contacts app and select the created group.
  2. Use a Third-Party App:
    • Explore apps on the Google Play Store like Vault-Hide, Calculator Vault, or Hide it Pro.
    • Install and set up the chosen app, which may require a password or PIN to access hidden contacts.
    • These apps might offer additional features such as hiding photos or messages.

It’s important to note that while hiding contacts can enhance privacy and declutter your list, hidden contacts may still appear in other apps or when you receive calls or messages from them. Hiding a contact does not completely remove all traces of it from your device.

How to Hide Contacts on Android?

Certainly, here are some possible methods to hide contacts on an Android device:

  1. Use a Third-Party App:
    • Explore third-party apps on the Google Play Store, such as “Vault-Hide.”
    • These apps often provide features like hiding contacts behind a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint.
  2. Create a Private Contact List:
    • Create a separate contact list on your Android device.
    • Move the contacts you want to hide to this list.
    • In contacts settings, choose to hide this specific contact list.
  3. Use the Guest Mode:
    • Activate the guest mode on your Android device.
    • When in guest mode, contacts will be hidden from the guest user.
  4. Delete the Contact:
    • Permanently hide a contact by deleting it.
    • Open your contacts app, find the contact, and select the “delete” option.
  5. Sync Your Contacts:
    • If contacts are synced with your Google account, turn off the sync feature.
    • In device settings, go to “Accounts,” find your Google account, and turn off the “Contacts” sync option.
  6. Use an App Locker:
    • Utilize an app locker to hide contacts.
    • App lockers enable setting a password or PIN to protect specific apps or features, including contacts.

Note: The availability of these methods may vary across Android devices, and the steps might differ based on your device’s version and settings

How to Hide Contacts using External App?

Hiding contacts using an external app is a straightforward and effective method to keep your contacts private on your Android device. Follow these steps to hide your contacts using an external app:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store:
    • Search for a contacts hiding app, such as “Vault-Hide” or “KeepSafe.”
  2. Download and Install the App:
    • Once you’ve chosen the app, download and install it on your Android device.
  3. Open the App and Create an Account:
    • Open the app and, if required, create an account.
  4. Grant Permission to Access Contacts:
    • The app will ask for permission to access your contacts. Allow the app to do so.
  5. Select Contacts to Hide:
    • The app will display all your contacts. Choose the contacts you want to hide and move them to the app’s hidden contacts folder.
  6. Close the App:
    • After moving your desired contacts to the hidden folder, close the app.
  7. Check Your Contacts App:
    • When you open your device’s contacts app, the hidden contacts will not be visible.

Note: The exact steps may vary depending on the chosen app, but most contacts hiding apps follow a similar process and are user-friendly.

How to Hide Contacts in Google Contacts?

If you utilize Google Contacts for contact management, concealing specific contacts or contact groups is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Google Contacts:
    • Launch Google Contacts in your web browser and sign in to your Google account if you’re not already signed in.
  2. Locate the Contact or Group:
    • Find the contact or contact group you wish to hide.
  3. Open Contact Details:
    • Click on the contact or contact group to open its details.
  4. Edit Contact Details:
    • In the contact details, click on the “Edit” button (pencil icon) located in the bottom right corner.
  5. Navigate to Groups:
    • Scroll down to the “Groups” section and click on the dropdown menu.
  6. Choose or Create a Group:
    • Create a new group if needed or select an existing group to hide the contact from.
  7. Remove from Group:
    • Deselect the checkbox next to the group you want to hide the contact from. This action removes the contact from the selected group.
  8. Save Changes:
    • Click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

By removing the contact from the group, it becomes hidden within that specific group. It’s important to note that this method conceals the contact only within a particular group, not from your overall contact list. To completely hide a contact, consider deleting it from your Google Contacts or using an external app on your Android device.

How to Hide Contacts without Numbers on Android?

If you wish to conceal contacts without numbers on your Android device, consider employing the following methods:

  1. Use an External App:
    • Utilize a contacts hiding app like “Vault-Hide” or “KeepSafe” to hide contacts, irrespective of whether they have phone numbers. These apps provide the option to move contacts to a hidden folder, allowing you to selectively hide contacts.
  2. Remove the Numbers:
    • If your device’s contact list includes contacts without numbers, you can hide them by removing their associated phone numbers or email addresses. Open your contacts app, select the contact you want to hide, edit the contact details, and delete any phone numbers or email addresses. Once the numbers are removed, the contact won’t be visible in your contact list.
  3. Use a Separate Contact List:
    • Create a distinct contact list for contacts without numbers and then hide this list from your main contact list. Access your contacts app, generate a new contact list, transfer contacts without numbers to this list, and conceal the list from your primary contact list.

Please note that the specific steps for hiding contacts without numbers may vary based on your device’s version and settings. Additionally, some methods might not be available on all Android devices.

How to find hidden contacts on Android and Unhide it?

If you’ve concealed contacts on your Android device and wish to locate and unhide them, follow these steps:

  1. Open your contacts app on your Android device.
  2. Search for an option to view hidden contacts. This option might be situated in the settings menu or the main menu of your contacts app. The location can vary based on your device and the version of the contacts app.
  3. If you locate the option to view hidden contacts, select it to reveal a list of all contacts hidden on your device.
  4. To unhide a contact, tap on the contact to open its details and choose the “Unhide” or “Remove from hidden” option.
  5. After unhiding the contact, it should become visible again in your main contact list.

If you cannot find an option to view hidden contacts in your contacts app, consider using an external app to unhide them. Apps like “Vault-Hide” or “KeepSafe” allow you to unhide contacts by moving them back to your main contact list.


In summary, concealing contacts on Android devices offers various options such as utilizing external apps, establishing a separate contact list, or removing contact numbers. If you’ve already hidden contacts, you can easily reveal them using your device’s contacts app or an external app.

By implementing contact hiding techniques, you safeguard your privacy and shield sensitive information from unwanted scrutiny. It’s advisable to opt for a method that aligns with your preferences, ensuring your contacts stay secure and confidential.