Introducing Annia and Elsia, Our Newest Additions!

We are SO excited to introduce you to our newest additions! We’re not just saying this because they’re adorable, but also because these little beauties mean the world to us, not just because they’re so cute and cuddly, but also because these cuties are the best way we have ever found to take care of each other and spend time together while doing something we love! Meet Annia and Elsia!

How We Met

Annia and Elsia are our newest foster kitties. When they arrived at my house we discovered that they are the tiniest (six weeks old!) sister kittens. I could barely pick up either one without causing severe stress on their tiny little legs but they were so feisty! I was originally hesitant to take on two new little ones as Mama Manx has separation anxiety when it comes to her babies (I mean, who wouldn’t!), but these tiny girls have quickly captured my heart. 

Annia has no eyes – a condition called ocular albinism. She was born with only 2-3% vision in both eyes, which means she can see some shapes but only if she’s very close to the object.

Why We Chose Them

We’re so excited to introduce you to our newest additions, Annia and Elsia. They’ll be joining us for the next three months as we take a break from blogging. In case you missed it, we announced their arrival on Instagram last week. We wanted to share more about these ladies with you because they are not just our new little sisters but also the faces of our company. 

Annia is a beautiful baby girl who was born on March 8th. She’s calm as a cucumber and loves making lots of different noises like her brother Elsia (who was also born in March). We love that she has such big brown eyes and pouty lips—just like her dad!

What We Love About Them

We are so excited to introduce our newest additions: Annia and Elsia! These two little ones are as different as night and day. While one is a little more on the laid back side, the other has an adventurous spirit. One is a budding artist while the other loves to explore. They may be opposites in many ways but they are still inseparable siblings who love to play together. There’s no doubt that these two girls are going to grow up best friends because of their differences but also because of their similarities too. We can’t wait to watch them grow up together and see what new things they’ll do next.

What They’re Up To

We’re so excited to introduce our new additions: annia and elsia. Please welcome them with open arms as they settle in to their new home. To help them get started, we’ve created a wish list for mommy-to-be annia and baby elsia. They need the essentials like diapers and clothes but also items for the home including a car seat (for when they are old enough). We hope this helps you find the perfect gift for these newest members of the family.

How You Can Help

We’re so excited to introduce our newest additions to the family. The twins were born this morning at 9:30am in Pittsburgh. They are beautiful and healthy, weighing 4lbs 9oz (Elsia) and 4lbs 13oz (Annia). We would appreciate your help supporting these two new additions as they enter their journey with us. 

1) If you want to make a one-time donation please consider donating online or by mailing a check to our office. 2) If you would like to set up a recurring donation please visit our website’s donation page or call us at 412-232-8262 x205 for more information on how you can set up your recurring donation over the phone.

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